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I am Your Social Media Hype Man aka Terrance A. Collins Jr aka Mr. Inspiredmind 

I grew up in a house in which I had 4 sisters who relied upon me to get them to and from school and all that not so glamorous stuff. One of them decided to be a basketball player. She was the 6th man on several of my teams. I've coached thousands of girls basketball games as a head coach. I've had NIKE and Adidas sponsored teams as well. People would ask me all the time why don't I coach boys? Why will I do workouts with boys but why won't I coach them? I asked did people think girls were inferior to boys? Do they think women are 2nd rate? Of course they would say no... I would say then how come I don't see them getting the same level of coaching as the boys do? I also never accepted the loaded teams as the teams I chose to coach. I always chose the players who had a lot of potential and I said we're still going to run with and against the best. I'm either going to help them reach their potential or die trying. In club basketball every single one of my players who still wanted to play after high school played after high school.

My players called me Terrance when speaking to me, and Coach Collins when speaking of me. When trying to get my attention they would say Coach. They would forget we were a basketball team. The average GPA coming into the season was 2.2 or 2.4 I don't remember on my teams, the average GPA during the season was a 3.5. Parents would say chores were always done. Teachers would email me and say thanks and administrators would be in shock to see new school clubs being started. I've shed tears with my teams and their families. This is how is how I am. My GPA was not 3.0 or above

I'm not a marketer. I'm a person who cares about people and want to see people being successful and winning. While coaching I won daycare teacher of the year every year. I would be the 2nd one there usually and left at the same time as the last person. Do you know I ran into some of those children later on and they were oh my goodness it's Mr Terrance. You know every now and again a parent gets a hold of me and says thank you still? A friend I went to high school with had 5 children in my last daycare and she said if I wasn't there her children wouldn't be and asked if she moved them would I be willing to go to? lol The most amazing thing happened also. One of my favorite little Kindergarten's asked me for a headband and a basketball... a few years ago her Mother told me she playing ball, playing point guard still says some of the things she heard me telling my team when she came to see one of my games. 

If you watch Midnight Madness with DMT on YouTube you can see more about who I am and how I think. There is a guy on a couple of the episodes. His brand is Fearless LoveMore. That was one of the first guys I recruited into this Industry. Fear Less Love More. The reason I'm back in this industry is simple. Ghandi said be the change you wish to see in this world. I do not like what I am generally seeing within this industry. 

Coach Collins
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