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Published on 10/13/2019 additional information available

What''s The Difference Between "TUNNEL" Vision And "TURNING" Vision In Network Marketing?

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Hello everyone,

If you pay close attention to the IBO Toolbox Platform [or any other similar Platform] you will find there are [mostly] TWO types of individuals. One is called “tunnel” vision mentality and the other is called “turning” vision mentality. These two types of individuals are complete opposite and “more times than not” will experience different financial results in their efforts to become success in Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities. Now, I’m about to explain how they both differ. 

Let’s start with the “tunnel” vision mentality. These are individuals who are organized with an agenda to build a successful business the RIGHT way. They don’t deviate from their day to day activities or try to reinvent the wheel. Some are considered “boring” or stuck in their own ways when it comes to having an open mind about other Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities. Nevertheless, MOST of these individuals earn consistent [residual] income, awards, bonuses, and recognition for being TOP ACHIEVERS!

Now, “turning” vision mentality are individuals looking for the next best thing. You know; “after not making any money” selling the last [not exactly] next best thing. This is also called need, speed, and greed… They always need money, the sooner - the better, and the only thing better than making money is finding a quicker way to make MORE! These individuals have no patience for building long term financial stability or being a team player. It’s all about; what’s in it for me “RIGHT NOW”! 

Unfortunately, the latter of these two types of individuals will attract the most attention and always find others willing to share their “turning” vision mentality. Why is that? You know how much we hate boring and repetitive things in life. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter now. We want excitement, faster results, and more options to satisfy our curiosity. 

Do I need to give you any more reasons why we will NEVER bridge the gap for income inequality between the rich and poor? The wealthy continues to invest their money into technology that allows us to believe in the “turning” vision mentality, and far too many individuals buy into it. Why continue chasing a figment of your imagination that’s ONLY intended to feed money right back to wealthy [1%]? Yes, a few will enjoy success along the way, but MOST will continue accumulating debt and living from paycheck to paycheck! Yeah, I know, this is VERY sad, but it's REALITY! 

I’m starting to like being boring and repetitive a little more now, what about you???

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Thanks for reading my PR and have a WONDERFUL day! 

With much love and blessings,

Barry Davis

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