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Published on 10/10/2019 additional information available

Sometimes, The Truth Hurts [No Pain - No Gain] Pt.1

# #TogetherWeAreUnstoppable #ItsYourTurn$$$

For full disclosure… I’m sure, this PR will offend some and I accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for its content. Keep in mind; this PR reflects my OWN opinion and I’m NOT referencing any particular individual[s] OR business.   

Hello everyone,

After much back and forth debating with “myself” about sharing this topic, I decided the story must be told. Sometimes, the truth hurts [no pain – no gain] and if you don’t like constructive criticism, this will NOT be one of your favorite PR’s to read! 

Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities is a legitimate business model. Like any business model, the ONLY way to stay in business and be profitable is to sell a product or service. If you are NOT able to make money in Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities, it’s unfair to label THEM ALL as illegal or a pyramid schemes. Yes, some of them fall short when compared to others, and make promises they have no intentions of delivering. If you live in this world long enough, you will experience how life will bring you MORE broken promises than GUARANTEES. This applies to VARIOUS aspects of life!

If you don’t like selling, marketing, and advertising, stay away from Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities. More importantly, when someone tells you they will HELP YOU refer other new members or affiliates to assure you make money, PLEASE do your due diligence FIRST to make sure that individual has a track record for helping others make money. Saying what you can do will get “responses”. Being able to do what you say will get results. Action will ALWAYS speak louder than words!!!

Finally, if you join a Network Marketing or MLM Opportunity for FREE, make sure to ask for clarification on how you can make money. Do NOT expect to make LOTS of money if you have NOT paid into the compensation plan. Again, in order to make money in a business, there MUST be income generated FIRST! If NOBODY is generating money for the business, where is the money coming from to pay its employees, affiliates, members, and expenses? Now, when paying commissions, who should make MONEY: [A] person who sold your products or service -OR- [B] Person who DIDN’T sell anything? How many companies do you know are willing to pay people MONEY for doing ABSOLUTELY nothing? I'm sure there are SOME reps/affiliates willing to make this claim in order to receive commissions, but it's NOT FAIR to blame Network Marketing and MLM Companies [as a whole] for the actions of a few unscrupulous individuals!      

Thanks for reading my PR and have a wonderful weekend!

With much love and blessings,

 Barry Davis    

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