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Published on 10/16/2019 additional information available

Just My Opinion.... That''s ALL!!!

# #TogetherWeAreUnstoppable

Hello everyone,

My PR today is a bit straight forward in hopes of offering some CONSTRUCTIVE advice/criticism about common courtesy! I understand each individual can advertise their business and comment at their discretion on the IBO Toolbox Platform. After all, the “primary” goal is to use the Marketing Tools to help build your business and Network. 

I have noticed how “some” individuals enjoy posting and advertising your business and messages “regularly”, but NEVER comment [or like] on other individuals posting their comments, messages, PR’s. Again, it is your prerogative as to how you choose to use the IBO Toolbox Platform. Nevertheless, you would “probably” receive MORE traffic to your website or business if you used a little more common courtesy.

For myself, if I see someone ALWAYS posting their business/messages, but I NEVER see comments [or likes] FROM them to other IBO Toolbox members it gives me pause/reservations to have an interest in whatever you are promoting. More so, you might want to consider the word “competition” and there is PLENTY OF THAT ON THE IBO TOOLBOX PLATFORM. 

Let’s use the following example as a better demonstration: TWO individuals are promoting the same business opportunity. One of the individuals is always commenting/likes to other PR’s and messages posted on the IBO Toolbox Platform. The other individual NEVER comment/like on other individuals PR’s or messages on the IBO Toolbox Platform. Which of these TWO individuals would you rather purchase from or consider joining their business opportunity? Personally, I’m ONLY purchasing or joining the opportunity of the individual that had enough common courtesy to comment/like what I posted! After all, I'm trying to build my business, as well... 

If you are all about I, me, and mine, this illustrates to me you are NOT a team player and more interested in PERSONAL financial gain. And don’t get me started on my opinion of you giving me the proper training/support in order to be successful in whatever business you are promoting! So, if you think I’m the only one noticing this type of behavior, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. I’m just the ONLY one willing to call you out on it!!!   

Thanks for reading my PR and have a WONDERFUL day.

With much love and blessing,

Barry Davis

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