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Published on 10/21/2019 additional information available

Isn''t It Funny How Technology Turns RESISTANCE Into PERSISTENCE?

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Hello everyone,

Have you noticed how technology is changing almost every aspect of our lives? It’s funny how resistance turns into persistence. Let me explain what I mean.

Example; Years ago, my grandmother said she would NEVER use a microwave, because it couldn’t emulate the same taste of an oven. Today, she goes through ONE microwave about EVERY six months [seriously]!  

Example; Years ago, my aunt NEVER believed in Online Banking. She would write a check for 0.25¢ if the merchant would accept it. Today, she uses Auto Pay to purchase ANYTHING that accepts that method of payment!

Example; Years ago, I was the BIGGEST critic of Online Shopping. If I couldn’t see it, try it on, or bring it back for an IMMEDIATE exchange or refund, I would NOT purchase it. Today, I might go to the Mall once a year. Now, I’m a firm supporter of the PayPal Protection Plan!  

Example; Years ago, the drive-thru teller at my bank was always willing to help me with my transactions. Today, she has been replaced by TWO ATM Machines! I really miss her…

Example; Years ago, I had to wait at home “impatiently” for the Postal Worker/Fed Ex/UPS to deliver me checks for commissions and bonuses on payday. Today, my money is deposited into my account REGARDLESS of where I am or what I’m doing! 

Example; Today, Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities are ALL based upon the same premise of “you sell OR fail”. In the VERY near future, that concept will become extinct and replaced with an easier concept where “sharing is caring”. This concept will be MUCH easier for EVERYONE to make money and embraced by the masses!

How do I know this? Because, I’m the ONE about to make it happen. Go ahead and laugh, that’s ALWAYS the FIRST expression when something is new and misunderstood. I can’t wait to see how your “resistance becomes persistence”!  

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Thanks for reading my PR and have a WONDERFUL day!

With much love and blessings,

Barry Davis           

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