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Published on 10/17/2019 additional information available

How "BAD" News Became REALLY-REALLY "GOOD" News!

# #TogetherWeAreUnstoppable

Hello everyone,

How can “bad” news become REALLY-REALLY “good” news? I know; it does sound like an oxymoron… lol… Follow the story line and I will explain it.

Let’s start with the bad news first. I have been a member of the IBO Toolbox Platform for over ONE year now. During this time, I have promoted TWO business opportunities. I’m just [now] offering my second business opportunity to the IBO Toolbox Family. Currently, I have ZERO sales from IBO Toolbox Members after doing ALL the things I was told would help me build a successful business. Meaning, I have posted ads, comments, built my associates list, and stayed active on the Platform. I doubt if you can find a member that “I haven’t commented on their PR or messages” at one time or another [unless they are online when I’m asleep]… lol. My hard work and dedication did help me achieve being FMOTD [and I’m VERY appreciative], but still no sales after that accomplishment.

Can’t get any worse, right? Yes, it can… I decided to do the unthinkable and try to join another Network Marketing/MLM Company. After posting a PR [two days ago] using the title; Can I Join Your Team? I’m Dedicated And Hard Working! I received ZERO offers :-(. Can you believe that??? 99.9% of individuals on the IBO Toolbox Platform are searching for others to join their team/business and NOBODY wanted me… I’m batting 1000% here with the number ZERO… lol… By now, I’m sure you are thinking; man, you are killing me… Please get to the REALLY-REALLY good news part!

OK… Here it is. There was a reason why I didn’t receive ANY takers wanting me to join their team/company. You see; I had specific requirements that need to be met in order for me to join their team/company. All of the requirements are what my NEW business offers its members. The PR was a TEST to see how well my business compared with other Network Marketing/MLM Opportunities. I received HUNDREDS of views on that PR [but ZERO responses]. Actually; I received MORE views for that “PR” than I did when being FMOTD last week. That REALLY surprised me! Now, do you see the good news? 

Although, I have ZERO sales and nobody wanted me to join their team, I was still receiving the following benefits for my NEW business:

Lots more traffic to my NEW website – My NEW website is ranking much higher in Search Engines [SEO] – I’m building my NEW brand BEFORE pre-launch – After reading this PR, people will remember that PR from two days ago and say the following; WOW  all those benefits for ONLY $37.50 EVERY SIX MONTHS. I thought it was a joke [fake news] … UNBELIEVABLE!      

More importantly, I already know other Network Marketing/MLM Opportunities can NOT compete with what I’m about to introduce to the general public. How do I know that? Remember, I just tested the market using the IBO Toolbox Platform… The Old Traditional Way of Network Marketing/MLM Opportunities is about to change “for the better”. The “impossible” only exists when we allow it to become “possible”. Together, we are UNSTOPPABLE! 

 Click Here To Visit Our Website

Thanks for reading my PR and have a WONDERFUL day!

With much love and blessings,

Barry Davis 

P.S. My offer still stands. If you have a Network Marketing/MLM Opportunity better than mine, I’m willing to join your team if it meets the requirements mentioned in my previous PR [Can I Join Your Team?.... I’m Hard Working And Dedicated!]

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