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Published on 10/15/2019 additional information available

Can I Join Your Team? I''m Dedicated And Hard Working!

# #TogetherWeAreUnstoppable
# #LifeIsToBeEnjoyedNotAnnoyed

Hello everyone,

Since, 99.9% of individuals on the IBO Toolbox Platform are seeking other people to join their team, I’m willing to join your team and bring other people with me if you can meet my requirements. How awesome is that? 

Here are the things “essential” for me to join your team:

*I have NO desire to join ANY business that starts at one level and requires you to PAY MORE MONEY [advanced levels]  if you want higher income potential*  

**I’m ONLY seeking a Network Marketing or MLM Opportunity that I have to pay less than a $12.50 payment for 1st month and less than $5.00 for 5 additional months. Meaning, my TOTAL 6 month fees are less than $37.50**

*** I must be able to earn OVER $67,975.00 within six months without referring MORE than 3 people. Plus, I can earn the SAME income EVERY SIX MONTHS WITHOUT REFERRING MORE MEMBERS. This means, “residual income” of $67,975.00 EVERY SIX MONTHS!***

In addition to the above mentioned income requirements, I will DEFINITELY need the opportunity to earn 1,000,000 Points or Credits that can be converted into CASH over the course of 16 months. Each Point or Credit equals $1.00 cash value. Meaning, I can accumulate $1,000,000.00 [maximum points or credits] EVERY 16 MONTHS… I have the opportunity to withdraw these points or credits at any time and convert them into cash. This is TOTALLY SEPARATE FROM OTHER INCOME POTENTIAL! More importantly; these Credits or Points [when accumulating each month] will be used to help other members earn money that need help referring other members. When non-qualified members make money can you just imagine the motivation and excitement it brings to other team members? Not to mention, you are being rewarded for helping other members on your team make money. This is MUCH EASIER than referring lots of NEW members when you can earn MORE money helping existing team members make money… I want you to REALLY think about that for a minute.    

It would be a "HUGE PLUS" if you have a Social Media Platform allowing me to earn “credit points” when performing different tasks [posting messages on my wall, sharing pics, videos, music, etc…]. To keep me active in your Social Media Platform, what about TWO monthly contests [1] Top 5 Credit Earners [2] Top Credit Earner In Each State. Both contests will end on the last day of each month and CREDIT POINTS will start over again on the 1st of each month to assure each of us have an equal opportunity to win BOTH contests each month. Winning participants will receive their cash prizes on the 1st of each month. 

Finally, since I’m a hard and dedicated team player, I need the opportunity to become Member Of The Day and receive 250 Credit Points that counts towards the TWO monthly contest offered in the Social Media Platform. I want UNLIMITED opportunities to win this award, because hard work and dedication should have its advantages and rewards! 

If you can provide the above requirements, I look forward to hearing from you. If not, maybe you should consider joining my team. I mean, I was willing to join yours… After all, fair is fair, right?        


Thanks for reading my PR and have a WONDERFUL day!

With much love and blessings,

Barry Davis      

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