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Published on 10/20/2019 additional information available

Are You Motivated -OR- Devastated With Your Network Marketing/MLM Business? PLEASE BE HONEST!

# #TogetherWeAreUnstoppable
# #LifeIsToEnjoyedNotAnnoyed

Hello everyone,

Today, let’s start with the “FACTS” that generates so much attention. Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities generates BILLIONS OF DOLLARS every year and the money keeps increasing year after year. MOST of that money is paid to TOP PRODUCERS ONLY which is about 20% of all Network Marketers or MLM Businesses. Why does this sound so familiar? It reminds me of the income inequality gap between the rich and poor in the USA. As it should, because it’s the SAME BLUEPRINT used to build this multi BILLION dollar industry. The only difference is you have better odds of leveling the playing field with a minimum investment to become successful in Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities. Everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to build a successful business!         

Unfortunately, for most, the financial investment isn’t the problem; it’s the hard work and dedication investment preventing them from being among the TOP PRODUCERS and getting their FAIR SHARE OF THIS BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY. It also explains why 80% of individuals in this industry will make little to no money. But still, there is NO shortage of individuals “flocking” into our Industry each and every day. Why is that? Because, they see an opportunity to live a life of luxury and earn more money than MOST employers are willing to pay. It’s a no-brainier if you are seeking maximum income potential with the least amount of resistance and investment. And if you make NO money, it was WELL WORTH the financial risk -vs- financial reward opportunity! Let’s take a different approach and get better results, because it's time to change the status quo... 

What if we concentrated MORE on HELPING EACH OTHER become successful than creating SELF-WORTH? Could you imagine how MUCH MORE excitement it would create if EVERYONE made enough money to upgrade their quality of life to the next level, reduce their [out of pocket] financial expenses, and have “peace of mind” knowing an employer is NO LONGER your only source of income? Instead of using the typical and predictable [chasing and replacing] method to build your team, what about incorporating a [sustain and maintain] method to help build your team? Can you name JUST ONE Network Marketing or MLM Opportunity with 100% of its participants making money? NO, YOU CAN NOT!!!! Many would call this “wishful thinking” and GOOD LUCK WITH THAT ONE!  

They say it’s ALWAYS A FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING AND WE ARE ABOUT TO MAKE IT HAPPEN!!! A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] is Network of members dedicated to HELPING EACH OTHER enjoy financial stability. The impossible only exist when we allow it to become possible. TOGETHER, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

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Thanks for reading my PR and have a wonderful day.

With much love and blessings,

Barry Davis     

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