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Published on 10/12/2019 additional information available

Are You Employer Dependent -OR- Employer Independent?

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Hello Everyone,

Are you “currently” employer dependent [OR] employer independent? Do you know the difference between the two? Employer dependent means you depend on an employer in order to receive a paycheck. Employer independent means you are self employed or have supplemental income outside an employer. 

Many individuals in Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities start off part- time, because they have financial responsibilities and don’t want to depend upon earning commissions [selling products and services] as their only source of income. This is the “better safe than sorry” mentality. Meaning, I see income potential selling product and services, but I need to be “employer dependent” in order to meet my financial obligations.   

On the other hand; you have those individuals in Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities who rather work full-time most of the time in a commission based pay structure in order to dictate their income potential. This is the “pay me what I’m worth” mentality. Meaning, I can make MORE money being “employer independent” than having an employer pay me an hourly rate each and every week.

I understand earning a paycheck is “peace of mind” and eliminates fear of failure if you are NOT successful in Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities. More so; I encourage EVERYONE to start off part-time and compare your stable income to commission based income over a period of time. That’s the “BEAUTY” of our industry, you can start part-time with very little money and experience. This also allows you to get the proper training, learn the proper way to network, and the importance of being able to balance your time. 

Regardless of what type of Network Marketing or MLM Opportunity you decide to pursue. PLEASE understand and accept the following FACTS: Success is a process of progress. It requires 100% effort on your part, lots of patience, help from others, and [sometimes] a little bit of luck along the way! It’s not going to be easy, but it can be VERY financially rewarding for you and other members of your Network. Sharing the wealth requires being a team player. No ONE person EVER made Network Marketing or MLM Opportunities successful!  

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I wish you the VERY best of luck OVERACHIEVING your personal and professional endeavors.

With much love and blessings,

 Barry Davis                           

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