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Published on 10/8/2019 additional information available

A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed]

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Hello Everyone!

It’s been awhile since I’ve written a PR on the IBO Platform. Since my last PR, I have started a new company with a totally different concept. I’m VERY excited about my new company called A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Be Enjoyed NOT Annoyed]. So, what inspired me to suddenly go in a different direction after FINALLY experiencing success in Network Marketing?

I realized after becoming successful in Network Marketing how much “hard work” was required in order to build a team [down line] if you wanted to live a comfortable lifestyle with a STEADY income. My work ethic is exceptional and I enjoy facing challenges head on with the mindset of a juggernaut. However, I had to accept there are NOT many other individuals with that same mindset. 

Finally, I realized why so many people failed in Network Marketing and MLM Opportunities. Nope, it’s not because “ALL” of them want something for nothing. Actually, many are willing to work hard [initially]. But, after awhile [for most], it becomes too much like a job with little pay or benefits. Then REALITY “rear its ugly head” and serves as an unfriendly reminder of why am I doing this anyway? There it is… 

You see; people have NO problem walking away from something they don’t like or need. However, we will hold on to the things we love throughout eternity [through the good and bad]. Wait a minute… I just had an epiphany. Why not create a step by step system allowing individuals to achieve your ULTIMATE goal in life? I mean, MOST of us have ONE goal in life we would LOVE to ACHIEVE more than anything else. Well, I do. What about you? Would financial stability help you get there quicker? What about your very own Social Media Platform to help build your brand and Online Workshops hosted by accredited professionals to help make sure it’s a smooth process? 

If possible, I would REALLY appreciate you watching A Movement 4 Improvement [Life Is To Enjoyed NOT Annoyed] 20 minute “company overview”. I really think people will gravitate to this concept with eagerness and excitement, because it’s simple, realistic, and extremely affordable. The impossible only exist when we allow it to become possible. Together, we are unstoppable… 

I appreciate you reading my PR and have a wonderful day!

With much Love and Blessings,

Barry Davis

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