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IBOtoolbox adserver v3.1

Published on 4/14/2016 additional information available

4 Simple Rules to keep from getting suspended

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Rule #1 - Spamming with messages
Sending copy/paste system messages to everyone your associated with is considered spamming. IBOtoolbox does not allow this process for a simple reason. It DOES NOTHING to build your business. It does NOTHING in IBOtoolbox, does nothing in Facebook, it does nothing anywhere.

However, sending relationship building messages to your associates is important. Why? Unlike spamming, a new friend, partner, alliance, or follower will help you build your business! Word of mouth advertising is the cheapest and most effective type of marketing. Use IBOtoolbox properly and you will be rewarded by a solid group of supporters. Those supporters will watch your actions, see your strategies, and most possibly join your next venture. The most successful people on IBOtoolbox are those who have a good reputation for making everyone feel welcome, offering value, and following the basic rules of IBO.

Rule #2 - PR, Video, or Wall Comment Spamming
One of the most irritating things a member of IBOtoolbox can do to get their account suspended is Comment spam! This is the act of commenting on someone's PR, Video, or Wall Post with devious intentions. If you are commenting on a PR, Video, or Wall Post, please post a relevant comment.

Do NOT talk about your opportunity, product, or website. You are suppose to be helping your fellow member by posting a relevant, positive, and encouraging comment for other members, non-members, and potential partners and customers to read. Posting comments on IBOtoolbox is big business for the people using the system correctly. Why is it big business? Because Internet Marketing is all about that reputation or referral. IBO members help each other build consumer confidence and reputation be receiving good PR, Video, and Wall Post Comments.

Remember IBOtoolbox family of sites receive around 300,000 unique visitors each day. That is A LOT of eyes on those comments you are posting!

Commenting Note: If you didn't read the PR or Watch the video, then please do not comment. Comments that read "great pr" or "nice post", might as well read, "I don't have anything valuable to add". Such comments are not going to do anything for the author, and definitely not doing you any good at all. So please, if your going to leave a comment, leave a good one! Also remember, if you have 5+ stars, you can earn credits for comments on PRs and Videos!

Rule #3 - Using, Selling, or promoting automation systems
Because IBOtoolbox is the largest business building social network, there is going to be people trying to make money riding our developers coattails and attempting to take advantage of our platform. IBOtoolbox is constantly slammed with DOS, auto account creaters, auto inviters, message senders, etc... We have systems in place that automatically suspend or delete accounts that are obtained using such software.

We have many member come to us after their accounts have been terminated asking to come back if they promise to stop using the automated systems. IBOtoolbox does NOT allow anyone to use, promote, or sell IBO automation software (Software that automates the use of IBOtoolbox).

If you have purchased this software, ask for your money back. The software is actually illegal as it is not conforming to the AUP of the site.

Rule #4 - Post Adult/Gambling/Illegal Material
Probably one of the fastest way to be removed from this platform is posting an Ad, PR, or profile image with nudity or adult content.  This is NO place in IBOtoolbox for scantily clad women, adult content, or provocative images.   Anywhere.

The same goes for gambling, online, casino marketing, or any sort of illegal activity.  This things do not have a home here @ IBOtoolbox and your account will be quickly suspended.

In Closing, IBOtoolbox works if everyone follows the simple rules.  If you see any of this activity, please let us know by sending Security a support ticket.  They have been known for giving crdits to those who help us keep our system clean!

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