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Published on 4/26/2017 additional information available

2 Steps to Wealth with The Power of Duplication

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2 Steps to Wealth

Join LottoSpring Then Share Your Link

Share your personal link with 3 people who become members and you won't ever need to pay to play the lottery again!

LottoSpring have created a fantastic incentive. Everyone can play for free if they simply introduce 3 members and because millions of people play lotteries it's really easy to find 3 other people who would like a better way to play. Just share your link with enough people and you WILL play for free. But it's up to you. 

The key thing is to take IMMEDIATE ACTION and start referring right now whilst we're in prelaunch phase because no one has to pay anything during prelaunch.


You can share your link direct to the LottoSpring website if you want, but it is far more effective to use our "" marketing system. It's been designed to help you get personal referrals but then it will automatically follow up with them and teach them to do the same thing. This will build you a strong, global team of members, giving you even more chances of winning massive prizes in the lotteries.

Simple and very easy goal....

Refer 3 free members in your first 24 hours.

If everyone does this, then within a week of joining you will have over 3,000 members in your team. That's got to be worth the effort of sending a few emails and talking to some friends on Facebook!? And remember it's 100% free during prelaunch so you're not asking people to part with any money so don't be shy. Get inviting!

A simple email script - Just copy and paste!


Hello NAME,

I've just found a great opportunity which I think will really appeal to you. There's a really simple video which explains everything on this website. (replace 'powerlottouk' with your OWN LottoSpring username). There's absolutely NO risk and it's 100% free at the moment. I'm just looking to introduce 3 good friends and thought you might be one of them?

This is going viral already, and I think you'll see why when you take a look.

All the best



Share Your Link


This is your link to share on Facebook, Twitter, email, whatsapp, instagram etc.

(replace 'powerlottouk' with your OWN LottoSpring username)

Check out my Sponsors winnings,These could be yours if you take action now?

I look forward to welcoming you into my team

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