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Published on 4/1/2020 additional information available

THREE Layers of Protection in ONE Product!

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In the midst of this serious worldwide pandemic, everyone is mobilizing to take prudent preventive measures. The media constantly reminds us of social distancing, hand washing, wearing masks, reducing stress, and keeping our immune systems strong. But have you ever stopped to realize just how our immune systems can BEST protect us against this specific virus?

A brief lesson in immunology tells us there are many components of the immune system, i.e. different specialized cells which have specific jobs to do. There are various types of lymphocytes such as T-cells, B-cells, NK cells, etc. There's phagocytes, neutrophils, mast cells, and different antibodies such as IgA. Most immune boosting products only impact ONE component of the immune system. What we want to talk about today is a single formulation which works on 3 different components of your immune system to offer maximum protection during these unprecedented times!

This product is called Transfer Factor Immune Spray. I've used it for almost 20 years and never leave home without it. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I recover very quickly. I used it for the year I worked in a hospital ER and NEVER got sick while other personnel I worked with were frequently out with the flu and other illnesses.

Here's how it works. The immune system has 2 main components which deal with unwanted pathogens such as these viruses. Think of 2 separate walls an invader must penetrate to infect our body. The first wall is IgA. These are antibodies which line our nasal and oral cavities. This is the major passage of entry. Iga's job is to neutralize pathogens within the secretions and tissues of these cavities. If IgA is part of a healthy immune system and does its job, the virus will not be able to enter the lungs where it starts to do its damage. So that's the first line of defense (wall #1). So what if the virus penetrates that first layer and enters the bloodstream? Wall # 2 is a component of white blood cells known as NK cells (natural killer). Their job is to kill unwanted bacteria, viruses, and cancer cells. These NK cells become mobilized immediately when the immune system is functioning as it should. So a pathogen must penetrate or evade BOTH of these layers of protection to cause the body to be infected.

The TF Immune Spray fortifies BOTH of these layers! Scientific studies conducted over 8 years ago showed that TF INCREASES IgA on average 73% in all patients using it for at least 2 weeks! It's great to have more of these 'soldiers' of the immune system working for you during the present situation, don't you think? But the most impressive studies were conducted over 15 years ago on the effects of TF on NK cell activity. Results confirmed an increase of 283% over baseline! This is comparable to a very expensive drug called IL-2, but without the side effects. All of this is documented, and I'll be happy to email anyone these studies. You can contact me at So one can see how the TF component of the spray positively impacts 2 major types of specialized immune cells which are vital to protection from various unwanted pathogens.

And if this wasn't enough, here's a THIRD layer of protection from this remarkable little spray bottle. You see it contains another ingredient known as colloidal silver (14 ppm). CS has known antiviral properties. As a matter of fact, I found no fewer than 15 scientific studies in credible publications including Bionanotechnoloy and Molecule. Anyone who doubts that CS can kill viruses is welcome to read these studies.

There are other immune supportive ingredients such as zinc and Vitamin C, but the 2 above referenced components are what really make this formulation so effective and worthy of everyone's attention during this current pandemic. My clients never leave home without it!

Your Invisible Mask

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