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Published on 8/22/2019 additional information available

Something Interesting I''ve Noticed About My IBO Press Releases

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Hey everyone, sorry I haven't posted an article lately. Been busy setting up a new office in a health and wellness center here in my hometown. It will allow me to meet clients in a professional setting. I'm enjoying the actual belly to belly interactions and hence will be toning down my online work. Which brings me to my reason for posting this PR.

One thing I've been doing with the articles I've written here at IBO Toolbox is saved them in a file and referenced them when others (not IBO members) want more information on my product. This involves either forwarding the PR via email or printing it out to hand to a local prospect. This has been a very effective support tool providing my perspective on the product beyond what the company puts out. For example, here's a product review I wrote on one of our popular products a couple of years ago here at IBO       Transfer Factor Recall Product Review    What's interesting is this article has helped me generate $1,000s in NEW business for this product, NONE of which came from readers here at IBO! This has me scratching my head, as many members here have read and commented, but not a single person here tried the product!? So I've concluded that IBO is a great platform for writing the articles, but the value lies in using the material elsewhere! Or am I missing something? I'd be interested to hear others' thoughts on this!

Don't get me wrong, I love the premise of IBO Toolbox, associating with like minded business people and promoting myself and my business. But as one of my fellow associates here states oftentimes, 'associations do not equal collaborations'. Frankly, I'm seriously considering spending less and less time on this platform!

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