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Published on 5/14/2019 additional information available

Powerful One-Two Punch Against CANCER!

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Some of you have been following my articles on the subject of immunotherapy, whereby both drugs and natural agents are used to work with the body's own immune system to combat diseases such as cancer. We've highlighted a well studied natural immunotherapy agent known as Transfer Factor Plus, which in clinical studies has been shown to increase ACTIVITY of one component of the immune system known as NK cells by a whopping 437% over baseline! This is remarkable in and of itself, and has important ramifications for cancer patients as an adjunct to their chosen treatment protocols. But what we are about to share could very well change the way people address any cancer issues in the future!

You see, our immune systems are comprised of many different types of specialized cells, such as lymphocytes, B-cells, T-cells, antibodies, IgA, etc. About 15 - 20% of lymphocytes are Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells), whose main function is to seek out and destroy viruses, bacteria, and cancer cells. By increasing the ACTIVITY of NK cells, a cancer patient has increased his or her chances of killing tumor cells. However, simply making the NK cells more active does not insure they get to the tissues where they are needed! What if there were a technology whereby these specialized cells could be distributed more efficiently throughout the body where they can do their work? Now there is! A patented physical vascular therapy medical device actually IMPROVES microcirculation almost 30% (nothing else does over 10%). Microcirculation refers to capillary blood flow, or what's called vasomotion. Capillaries deliver oxygen via red blood cells, nutrients, and lymphocytes (which include NK cells) to the cells and tissues where needed. The capillaries also facilitate the removal of cellular waste, also an important factor to help alleviate cancer. Also, cancer cells don't like oxygen, so by increasing O2 in the tissues, tumors cannot thrive! Here's a look inside someone's capillaries when exposed to the patented signal emitted from this medical device. Notice particularly the increased movement of white blood cells:


Many have questioned why we've added this technology to our protocols to enhance immune function in cancer patients. Hopefully, this explanation has provided the answer. The synergy of these 2 methods is remarkable. Now we can not only increase the ACTIVITY of this important component of the immune system, we can now facilitate the DISTRIBUTION to the needed areas! A win-win not only for cancer patients, but anyone seeking improved health!    Improve MICROCIRCULATION is just 8 minutes!

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