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Published on 2/6/2020 additional information available

My Plan B Business: When It Makes Dollars, It Makes ''Cents''!

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Those who follow my blogs know that my primary interest is in health and wellness, so my main businesses reflect that as well. I have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in that industry and will be aligned that way for a long time to come. However, over the course of my 40 years in the network marketing industry, I've learned that 1) many people have no interest in bettering their health and 2) due to the learning curve with the products I represent, even those interested in health and wellness choose not to get involved because they are seeking something simpler and more duplicatable. Thus I have kept a keen eye open over the past few years for a business that was easy for anyone to do AND earn a residual income. I found it last summer and it's turned out to be a viable 'plan B' company for me. Some seasoned networkers are even making it their primary business due to the sheer simplicity and ease of duplication. People who have struggled to make money with other companies are finding new found success here. What are the main reasons? Consider these features:

          *  product needs no explaining, everyone understands travel and saving money

           *  company pays on dollars, NOT points (no bv,cv, lp, etc)   this by itself has actually attracted 

               some top leaders

           *   WEEKLY PAY  (no waiting a month for commissions)

           *   100% infinity fast start coded bonuses!

           *   Average family will save $4,900/yr. just by using their membership benefits

           *   2 x 10 COMPANY forced worldwide matrix insures strong residual income

As I mentioned, this is my 'plan B' company, so I don't spend nearly the time as I do in my health companies. But by sending out a few emails here and there and posting a few ads here at IBO Toolbox, I'm amazed at how easy and profitable this simple little business is. I invite you to take a look and perhaps give it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised, trust me on this!

By the way, when I enrolled in the company last year, members could only save on hotels and condo vacations. As of the second week in January of this year, we now save on practically EVERYTHING! So anyone joining now has a more lucrative opportunity that when I joined. Here is the owner of the company demonstrating a 'savings calculator'. I believe you'll grasp the vision after watching this!

Savings Calculator

One last thing. Based on some of the questions a few of the IBO members have asked me about this business, I can tell they are overanalyzing it! It is all that it seems and then some. Believe me, 'when it makes DOLLARS, it makes SENSE!

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