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Published on 6/6/2019 additional information available

More Great News for Cancer Patients!

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In my last article, we discussed how combining a patented technology which increases capillary blood flow with a nautral immunotherapy agent can benefit cancer patients enormously. In this case, the immunotherapy agent, called Transfer Factor, activates a category of white blood cells known as NK cells up to 437%. However, it these activated killer cells are not distributed to the cancerous tissue where needed, the heightened activity all goes for naught! Now enter Bemer physical vascular therapy, a patented electromagnetic frequency which scientific studies prove INCREASES microcirculation approximately 30%. This facilitates the DISTRIBUTION of the NK cells throughout the body, eventually impacting the cancer sites. This represents a powerful synergy for cancer patients.

Further findings on how the BEMER medical device affect leucocytes' ability to address cancer offer even more optimism for people dealing with any sort of cancer issues. There is a special protein called iCAM (intracellular adhesion molecule) on the outer membrane of leucocytes. There are hundreds of video recordings showing the leucocytes rolling slowly within 2 minutes of being exposed to the BEMER signal. This vasomotion makes them more effective at counteracting foreign substances and diseases in the body. A couple of these videos depicting this process can be viewed on the site below.

Additionally, BEMER has been shown to proliferate HSP70, a significant 'repair protein'. Clinical trials conducted on mice that are born without immune systems show a higher level of HSPs in those mice that were exposed to the signal more frequently. The tumour growth did not progress DESPITE the mice not having an immune system! This has huge implications for cancer, as the immune system is absolutely critical to anyone fighting this disease.

Finally, BEMER has been shown to be an effective, safe, and reliable complementary therapy for cancer patients undergoing radiation and/or chemotherapy. The debilitating side effects of these widely used conventional treatments are well known. Many cancer patients we work with say its worse than the disease itself! By incorporating regular BEMER sessions into conventional treatment protocols, side effects are greatly diminished; the improved microcirculation enhances the elimination of cytotoxins and free radicals, allowing the cancer patient to experience not only a better quality of life, but improved patient outcome!

Please share this article with anyone who is touched by cancer issues. Thanks for reading!    The 8 Minute Medical Miracle For Cancer Patients!

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