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Published on 10/7/2015 additional information available

The power of FutureNet

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Welcome. I want to show you the power of FutureNet.

If you are interested in starting a new business, two questions will be of critical importance at the beginning.

1. How much does it cost, i.e. how much will I have to invest in order to start?
2. How much money will I have to invest every month?

The answers to both of these questions are quite easy and you will enjoy hearing them.
The start into your successful future requires just 10$!
If you do not have another choice, you can choose to start your Futurenet Business already with this sum. However, you have more opportunities. We do not want to conceal that it makes more sense to invest more than 10 $ into your kickoff. Precisely spoken, you have the following options:
10, 35, 85, 185, 685 or 1,685$.

The second question regarding the monthly costs is just as easy to answer: there are none. You really invest only once into your Futurenet Business. Nonetheless, you and particularly your partners will generate permanent revenues. This means that you will build a long-term income based on successive revenues without the need to ever invest your own money again.

The higher your starting amount is, the more Media Points you get. More Media Points mean more fantastic product offers, which you may choose from.

Furthermore, a higher starting amount grants access to a bigger income potential for you. On the following pages, you find the most important details about our marketing plan. Moreover, you will also be able to watch our video clips on this issue. You will immediately grasp the outstanding opportunities of the Futurenet marketing plan!

Regardless of your starting amount, you may choose to upgrade your position at any point, if you need more Media Points for our multimedia offer or if you just grasp how brilliant our system really is. If you prefer, you may start with a smaller amount and then use your Futurenet revenues for upgrades to higher positions.

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