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Published on 10/8/2015 additional information available

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We invite you to become a member of our successful, globally operating Futurenet Multimedia Network Club. Futurenet offers the most fascinating and at the same time the most brilliant opportunity to develop your own online business.

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The network marketing in - dustry exists already for over 50 years. The pioneers had to work without mobile phones, internet and fax.

In the early years, network marketing concentrated primarily on contacts between people. In order to develop a successful network, the protagonists had to make phone calls and arrange personal meetings.

Guess, what works best to this day? Still today, in the era of the worldwide web, social media and other modern communication technologies, personal conversations and phone calls are the most effective method for success and high quotas.

The clue to success in network marketing are personal relationships and in the best case real friendships with other people. Nothing can replace a personal face-to-face conversation.

Due to the introduction and development of modern communication technologies like the internet, e-mails, social media, google translator, webinars, etc., sales industry has changed completely. Now, there are incredible opportunities to communicate on a global scale and without language barriers. These technical opportunities enable you to develop a team with hundreds or even thousands of sales partners – much faster, than this was ever possible with the traditional way of doing business.

The internet offers unlimited opportunities for global net working. And this is the moment, where our statements above come in: your network marketing business is and remains a business between people. Use the internet and take advantage of all available methods to make new con tacts. However, the next step should be a prompt phone call or, if possible, a personal meeting.

All information concerning the technical aspects and details about your Futurenet business are available for you and your sales partners via video clips, this multimedia magazine, presentations, trainings and webinars. Check it and work your way through!

If possible, motivate your sales partners in personal conversations or during phone calls to choose a professional approach to the business. Use the opportunities to build personal relationships with your partners! Gather a team of people around you, who are ready to go through thick and thin with you!

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