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Published on 2/5/2016 additional information available

Join TODAY! - Enjoy SUCCESS! - Change your LIFE!

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AdsPayPro gives you such a way;
An easy, simple and dependable way to earn extra money online.

Nothing happens from nothing, you need to plant some seeds to be able to harvest.

I know you are skeptical, you heard big claims before and they didn’t pan out…
I get it, I understand, and this is why I am writing you this message.

AdsPayPro will work for you; it works for many of us already!

AdsPayPro is NOT another revshare site, it is a flagship revshare site
and it will set up new standards for other similar programs.
AdsPayPro will leave TrafficMonsoon and others in the dust… Just watch us :-)

First of all, we have completely unique script;
our script was made from scratch and cannot be bought like all the others…

It has been worked on, perfected and tested for many years
to make the APP script PERFECT.
Take a look at your dashboard, look at all the data there,
all the options; you’ll have to admit you haven’t seen such dashboard yet!

Secondly, our earnings are not locked up; they are fluid,
allowing for real revshare distribution.

(We know from statistics and history that sooner or later,
locked up revshare earnings are bound for bankruptcy.)

In addition, our earnings are NOT solely reliant on growth
and signups of new members to pay out older members.
AdsPayPro is a real marketing site that makes sales of advertising services
both to members and also to non-affiliate customers.

Moreover, APP has partnered with outside advertising network
which sites are displayed in our Traffic Exchange.
All generated by the site advertising profits are shared with members and affiliates.

Last but not least, AdsPayPro shares are called Realtime Accumulation Units for a reason.
Those Units (equaling $1 adpack) accumulate revenue in real-time.
The revenue is 'Locked-In' every hour, meaning,
it is totaled up and transferred to our back-office cash account.

With the free adpacks, you can’t really see how much fun it is
to watch those numbers there,
your free adpacks are without any bonus, and as such,
they accumulate way, way slower.

I am not sure if you are clicking those 2 sites daily
to keep your free adpacks accumulating,

but… even if you are, I’m sorry, I am afraid, you are wasting your time.

It will be mighty hard for you to start earning without any additional purchase.
Those free adpacks will take a long time to earn you your first $10.

Please look at the table here:
it brakes down how AdsPayPro units accumulate.

With bronze level (an upgrade or $50 adpack purchase),
your adpacks will accumulate not only more but twice faster.

I am here to tell you to take the plunge,
do whatever you have to do to make that $50, Nr 4 Aadpack purchase.

Of course if you can buy more, that will be even better,
but $50 is enough for your seed here.

The 50 Accumulation Units will start earning for you the moment you purchase the adpacks,
and you will be on your way to solid, dependable profits
faster than you ever did in all those other programs…

Please notice, APP adpacks are $1 each,
repurchasing them from our cash balance is fast and easy,
and those repurchases work like compound interest, we have more and more…

Wishing you happy plunge and big earnings!

Your sponsor,
Zbigniew Prochowski

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