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Published on 1/22/2015 additional information available

New SFI Badges!

# tripleclicks

Today we are pleased to debut our new-design SFI badges!

We think our new badges are way cooler.  Plus, they’ve got some new features we think you’re going to really like.


For starters, many of our badges are based on numbers (points, streaks, etc.), and now those numbers are DYNAMIC…which is to say, your badges can now change day to day, even hour by hour, based on your activity.

The number it displays will be your exact position in your class (which can, of course, go up or down depending on your activities and those of the other members of your SFI class).  So, a new fun challenge is to try to improve the number on your badge day to day, week to week, or at least month to month.  With the new dynamic number feature, you have a superb new way of knowing, in near-real-time, how you’re doing and where you need to work harder.


You’ll also notice the gold trim.  This is another new feature of the badges that you can earn.  So while the number on the badge tells you how you’re doing on a micro-level, the “bling” (which comes in bronze, silver, and gold) represents various “achievement tiers” or milestones.  For most badges, you’ll start with the basic version of the badge with no “bling.”  With continued effort, you can then add the bronze, silver, or gold trim.

For the above Power Rank Class badge, being in the top 200 of your class (based on your total VP), earns you the basic badge.  Get into the top 50 to add the bronze trim.  Get into the top 20 to earn the silver trim.  Or make the top 10 in your class to add the gold.


The more precious the metal, the more prestigious the badge is.  The ultimate goal would be to sport gold trim on all your badges!  Wouldn’t that look sensational on your new JMT Gateway?!

For complete details on all our badges including all of the achievement tier qualifications, visit our BADGES GALLERY:

P.S. You’ll also notice at least one brand new badge…and more new badges are on the way.

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