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How do I attract people to me and to my online business??? (The secrets of success are on this page).


Hello!  And welcome to my IBO Profile page...

I have a secret for you...ready to hear it?

You Must Have a Long-Term Strategy

If you don't have a long-term strategy in place or your long-term marketing plan, you are like a ship without a rudder and probably not going anywhere fast.

There are two approaches.  1)  Build Your List of Subscribers and

2)  Develop Downlines in a Trusted Traffic Source.

I will elaborate on these two approaches but first, another essential ingredient to attract people to you, irrespective of which of the two long-term strategies you employ, you will draw people to you if you give them a reason to be drawn to you.  This is really pretty simple.

“…for amen I say to you, if you have faith like a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Remove from here’; and it will remove.  And nothing will be impossible to you”.  Matthew  17:20 

Give people something free...but it has to be something of real value...and yes...give it to them free!!!   Give people value and you can't help but succeed!  This is a great way to draw people to you.  In other words, you make it worth their while to follow you or to do business with you.

You see the secret is...when you give people real tools they can use in their online business...and you give them those tools for free...well...imagine the numbers of people you will attract to you!  You create a stampede don't you!!!  

Don't believe it?  Just think about this for a just a second.  Now I would have thought this to be completely obvious but most people have missed this very simple truth.   People just love, love, love getting free stuff don't they?  Especially if it has real, significant value to them.   Now isn't that just stupid simple???  

Well, now that you have this awareness front and way to give away loads and loads of value...for by giving this incredible free lead system away absolutely free and watch what happens to your online results!   This is the strategy that got me on my way.  I'll reveal more secrets further down on this page but, for now, this is the key you have to digest.  You attract people to you by proving your value.  Without that, well, you're just another face in the crowd trying to flog an offer at them...Once you get this, you'll begin to see real results in your business.

Excited yet?  There's more!   On top of all of creating a virtual stampede, giving away this free lead system to others is going to build your own list of subscribers...and fast...very, very fast...and building your list've heard this before many times...the absolute key to  your online success.  So there you have it!!!

So, are you really ready to live the life of your dreams?  
Did you know that belief in yourself and some hard work can set you free financially!  The platforms shown on this page will build your list.  Share this platform and this knowledge with others and stand back.  Your success is assured!  btw...don't forget the work part.  In this life there is no such thing as a free lunch.  You get what you earn.

With any of the free systems you see on this page, you will have the ability to promote your primary business or any affiliate offer like never before.  You will generate leads, leads and more leads and then more leads still.  Those contacts become your subscriber list!   Have you heard that the money is in the list?  A responsive list will put you on your company's leaderboard.  Why is that? 

Think of it this way.  A 'brick and mortar' business...a restaurant say...really depends on repeat customers to stay in business.  Imagine if a restaurant had to rely on totally new people coming through it's doors every single day.  That's like starting from scratch every single day.  Not hard to see that the restaurant wouldn't be in business for too long.  

Well, it's just the same with your online business.  If you're starting from scratch every single day...well...just like that won't be in business very long.  You have to have repeat business!  It's a simple as that.  And that only comes from a list of subscribers with whom you are building a relationship.  I hope this point makes sense to you.  Building loyalty is another one of the keys.  In other words, your reputation is everything.  It takes some time to build.  But also remember, it can be lost in the blink of an eye.

Did you know that it takes, on average, seven exposures to your business before people will make the decision to buy from you or join your business?  With this in mind, if you're 'starting from scratch' every single day, and not getting those new people on a list, can you see how you're really not getting to where to need to be with your online business?


So...if you don't have a list, well, your chances of success just aren't that good!  List-building means that you must have what is called a 'lead capture page' to secure your prospect's contact information.  This is critical.  Once you have your prospect's contact info, it is automatically plugged in to your autoresponder for follow-up with the prospect.  Those two elements are the keys!

So, just tap on the link or the banner below to discover how to start building your list.  Start today!  Once you really digest the importance of having a list, you can share that fundamental knowledge with others.   Once you know why a list is so important and how to build it, teach this fundamental principle to others and watch your business explode...just tap on the link below.  Once you absorb this fundamental truth, you will begin to understand why the following platform can be an essential ingredient to your online success...and btw...this system has the best training you will find none!  


            "Man is made by his belief.  As he believes, so he is."  The Bhagavad-Vida

So, give this as many people as possible!!!...People are going to love you for it!!!   Build your list. Start today.  You will never look back I promise you.


2.  Another one of the list-building platforms I use is TrafficWave.  It has a unique 'pay-it-forward' feature that will fast-forward your online success.  Click on the link below to learn more!

3.  Finally, a platform called BuildABizOnline can also build a list for you.  You will be amazed at the value you receive by being a member here!  Just like the free lead system described above, you simply must take a can join for free!!!


3.  Now that you know the importance of having a list of subscribers, and how to get them...I have included below links to some of the traffic sources I use.  This is approach number two mentioned at the outset.  Build downlines in a traffic source and that is, in my view, the equivalent of building your list.  Naturally, you want to ensure that you start with a trusted platform, one that has stood the test of time.  Of course, IBO Toolbox really is an ideal traffic source for you to use.  I do not think there is anything else like it.  The more relationships you forge here, the more likely it is that you are headed for long-term online success.  Personally, I started with Easy Hits 4 U.  Easy Hits is the world's largest traffic exchange and, at the moment, I have well over 200 people in my downline who generate ad credits for me on a daily basis.

The links below will take you to platforms where you will find targeted traffic... people who are looking for ways to succeed online.  You can be the one to share the secrets to success with them!  

Many of the platforms you see on the list you give away for free!  As suggested above, give people something of value...especially if you can give it to them for free...well then just sit back and watch your success start to skyrocket!   Now all of that being said, it is highly recommended that you upgrade in the traffic source you use as your #1 downline builder.  This is not absolutely necessary, of course, but highly recommended.  Don't forget, the expenses you incur in building your online business are tax deductible.  See a reputable accountant for some advice in this area.  Deductibility of your business expenses will lower the income tax you would otherwise pay.  This makes your 'after-tax' costs lower.  Again, get some advice from a local, reputable accountant so that you fully understand what all of this can mean for you.

The AdViralizer will get a million plus visitors to your site absolutely will do it for others too.  Share this platform with others and get your free ad on thousands upon thousands of pages!!! 

20,000 members waiting 4 U

Targeted Traffic, Proven Buyers!

Ad Viralizer

Sotuk Traffic

Cash Juice

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Cash In On Banners

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Traffic Speedway

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Infinity Traffic Boost

4.  Now, some of the other businesses I promote can be accessed via the links below.  A fortunate few will immediately recognize the enormity of this first opportunity.  This is Global Domains International and it is, by far, the opportunity that most excites on the "Income For Life" link below to find out why...

Income For Life

Next...a question for you.  Are you financially literate?  A sad truth is that most people work for 40 or more years and end up broke.  Why?  A major reason is that they are not financially literate.  You see it's not how much money you make in your lifetime, it's really about how well you get the money you do make to work for you.  Becoming financially literate teaches you how to make your money work for you!  Share this essential information platform with others and build a fortune!

Are You Financially Literate?

3.  Finally, and perhaps the one I am most excited about is Steve Gresham's "My$20DollarTravelBusiness.  Why?  The answer is simple.  The 'baby-boom' generation is the largest population wave in human history.  They are retiring in droves and they have money to spend.  Boomers love to travel.  So this is a perfect time to get yourself out in front of what promises to be a tsunami of an opportunity.  Get huge discounts on hotels, condos, cruises...share the ability to access those huge discounts with others and watch what happens.

                  “According to your faith be it done unto you.”  Matthew 9:29

5.  Now, just a tip or two that will hopefully prevent you from falling into some traps.  First, if you are new to online marketing, recognize that businesses are not built overnight.  Plan on investing at least a year (more realistically two to three years) in building your online business.  The newsflash is that people are not going to beat a path to your door overnight.  This means that once you select an opportunity that you think is legitimate (and excites you), then stick with it.  Moving from one shiny object to another is a recipe for failure.  Stick with your primary business!  You will become an expert at it in a short period of time.  Don't try to do too much and, whatever you do, don't be a spammer.  Offer help to others who may be trying to understand your primary business.  At the end of the day, your success will be determined by the value you give to others.  People do business with those they know, like and trust.  So be patient.  Treat people like you would like to be treated and you will be on your way!

"Brick and mortar" businesses are build upon customer service and the quality of the product that is being offered.  Once you have those two items in place, recognize, once again, that people buy (or join) people who they know, like and trust.  If you are someone whom others know, like and trust, then your online success is virtually guaranteed!  

Again, if you are new, in my view it is better if you stick with one thing.  Trying to promote multiple offers only dilutes your efforts.  Remember..."Jack of all trades...master of none".  Especially if you are just starting.  Decide on one platform and focus on that.  Spreading yourself too thin with multiple offers diminishes your chances of success.  Once you become proficient, you can expand.

6.  And finally, there is no such thing as overnight success.  Online business, like any other business, takes effort.  Take action if success is what you crave.  Ultimately, your future is in your own hands.  Do you have what it takes?  Are you prepared to give what it takes?  If you are, the world can be yours.  Ask me how I know.  Contact me to find out.  Let's open a dialogue.  Persistence and determination will take you where you want to go.  Do it!  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  At the end of the day there is only really one question in life.  How badly do you want it?

To Your Ever-Increasing Success,

Coach Grant


P.S.  2  Remember, your profile pic is what brands you.  Do you have an attractive pic to use as a profile pic?  Don't forget, this is what people see and, hopefully, can relate to.  Does your profile pic look like you're going to a funeral?  If so, then goodness....change it now!!!

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