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Published on 12/24/2016 additional information available

Pay Attention !!... I'm Going To Show You A Fool-Proof Effective Blueprint Too Finally Get Organized

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This Blueprint Will Allow You Too Finally Get Organized, Get Focused, And Get Things Done So Fast … that you make even more money in the extra time you have made available.

It does cost you a lot of time to get things done.

Are you constantly struggling to organise your Internet Marketing and your PC.

Can you manage your time in a more efficient way and to be more effective? getting rid of the awkward tasks that are not making you any money.

If you are not organized properly to be productive, then you are doomed to failure.  You are now about to learn how you too can become a productivity machine, that does get things done FASTER and in LESS time. What's more, you will even be able to be more successful, make more money, and get better results every single day, with less effort.

Believe it or not, you can quickly and easily achieve all of this and much more.

Sarah Staar will show you her exact procedures and the tools that took Sarah from being a disorganized dyslexic to being an ultra-motivated marketer with a 6-figure empire.

It really doesn't matter how many hours you put into your online business, if you are not productive and don’t stay organized with all of your Internet marketing tasks, it will be just a matter of time until you do start losing your focus, then motivation, and eventually your mind.

At some point or another, everyone makes this damaging mistake (myself included.)

But the most important thing is to be mindful of the problem and to get yourself out of this negative whirlpool of distraction and disorganization by managing your time much better.

You Will have Heard This before "Work Smarter...Not Harder"?

With so many passwords, usernames, documents, and other information, it is so easy to not be able to keep track of everything and for you to end up wasting valuable time on those non-important tasks.

Don't let that happen!

Sarah Staar wanted to provide not only tips, but a FULL easy-to-apply SYSTEM that everyone could copy in order to start becoming more productive and make the most out of their days.

This introduces you to ...

Get Organized Like A Staar© which is a step-by-step, productivity-boosting video course.

Organized Like A Staar


Sarah Staar shows you precisely the secrets to being highly productive and getting things done more easily, but also to remove what is stopping you from the success you deserve.

The course is broken down into two high-quality parts where Sarah guides you from A to Z through the whole process.

Part 1

Video #1 - Windows Fences

In this video, how you can quickly and easily set up "fences" that will help you to organize your icons in Windows in a much more efficient and organized way. A cleaner, neater, and better organized desktop will take you a long way! Fences are like screen boxes to put your icons into.

Sarah shows you EVERYTHING. Step-by-Step.


Video #2 - Creating Your Master Password

Passwords are now an everyday part of the life of all internet users, especially marketers. The majority of people have usually lost, mislaid or even forgotten their passwords... To be honest, there's nothing worse than trying to login into a site like Paypal and getting errors because you forgot your password. In this super step-by-step video Sarah walks you through the whole process of creating a master password that will save so much time and all those worries.


Video #3 - Tips and Tricks of Effective Password Management

Lastpass is a cool tool that Sarah has been using for a while now and quite frankly, Sarah could not live without it any more. You too will discover how you can make the MOST out of this terrific tool, simplify your life, and save DAYS of time.


Video #4 – The Secrets Of Lightning-Fast Bookmarking

Properly managed and bookmarked pages are the secret to accessing your favorite websites in a fraction of a second. In this highly-informative video Sarah shows you one of her favorite tools that simply makes life so much easier...

Video #5 - Power Up Your Notes - You Can Have Your Notes In The Cloud, And Access Them Anytime!

Now, don't misunderstand the name of this title... You don't need a real notepad and a pencil like that old-school method remember. Sarah will reveal to you a pretty cool, life-saving tool that will allow you to create and maintain notes anytime, anywhere.

Sarah will "spill the beans" and show you how you can make the most out of this nifty and powerful cloud-based software!

Get Organized

Part 2

Video #1 - Mobile Devices That You May Need to Use

Here's the thing... nowadays only having a PC is not really good enough, if you truly want your online business to work. You need to be flexible and be able to work anytime, anywhere. In this video you will learn what the necessary mobile devices are that Sarah does use, in order to keep in touch with that 6-figure business any time, any place!


Video #2 – Taking advantage of Gmail And Google Apps

These are the TWO "marketing tools" that if used correctly can really catapult you to utter success in no time at all. Most people really don't know how to make the most out of these tools properly, so understanding them fully will really allow you to run things so smoothly...increasing your productivity, focus, and profits!

Video #3 - Setting up Gmail folders & filter & using Google Calendar, and Google Drive.

Google does provide all its users with an array of products that most marketers do ignore or do not know how to use properly. Well, that's precisely why Sarah created this video; to show you some "methodology and hacks" that will save you time, keep you focused, and improve your productivity...Sarah explain everything to you, from A to Z, and in down-to-earth, PLAIN simple English.


Video #4 - Practical, Time-Saving Ways Too Properly Manage Your Website & Passwords

Your websites are the core of your business, that's why you have to be practical when you are managing them. Let Sarah take you by the hand and show you how you can effectively manage your websites and also those pesky passwords...Because time is money, don't you think?


Video #5 - The Magic of RAID Units And How Sarah Set One Up

Probably nobody has ever talked to you about this convenient way to store large amounts of data. Well, Sarah is here to teach you all that you need to know about them...From how they work, their huge benefits, to the way Sarah actually sets up her own RAID unit.

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