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Published on 9/11/2019 additional information available

Why Am I Advertising On LeadsLeap

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Why Am I Advertising On LeadsLeap?

     Well, the reason why you or I advertise anywhere is because we want to get signups and sales of whatever we are promoting, right? Well, recently. for the  first time in a very long time, I started advertising on Leads Leap. What happened? Within a few days I got a signup to YBR – Fast Cash from the ad that I'd placed there. And not long afterwards, that referral paid to upgrade in Easy1Up, which is one of the two programs that YBR – Fast Cash helps me get signups to.

     My ad on Leads Leap hadn’t been shown very many times because I was using it only as a free member, and I hadn’t taken much time to view other people’s ads in order to earn advertising credits. The way credits are earned on LL is that members earn more credits not just for the number of ads that they view, but how long they view each ad. We keep earning credits for up to 3 minutes of viewing any ad.

     I decided to become a Pro member at Leads Leap. Why? Because Pro members can have 10 ads shown all the time without having to use any ad credits. The cost is $27 a month, but that is a good deal for being able to have ten of my ads displayed night and day all month long on a very popular platform where visitors have the incentive of continuing to earn credits for up to 3 minutes of viewing an ad.

     Is it working for me? It sure is. I’m already getting more signups to YBR – Fast Cash, even though almost all of yesterday I was offline because I was out with my wife and friends.

     Leads Leap has a multitude of other great features that make it a must have for online marketers. They track not only how many people visit our ads, but how much time they spend looking at each of our ads. There is a One Time Offer List Builder, a One Signup A Day free give-away, a PopUp generator, and so much more.

     Free Members of Leads Leap earn 25% commissions from their referrals who upgrade. Now that I’m a Pro Member, I will earn 50% commissions from any of my referrals who upgrade. Everybody also can earn a share of ad revenues on this site simply by viewing at least 10 ads per day.

     Are you ready to start benefiting from advertising on Leads Leap? Then click the banner below and get started today.

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