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George PierceI am George Pierce.  


I have been an Internet Marketer for over 15 years.

My most recent online adventure is the Internet Marketer Training Channel on YouTube.

This channel is meant to help two different audiences that are not really that different.  If you are online, this channel will help you to get where you want to be faster.  If you have a web site, blog,  or a YouTube channel, the Internet Marketer Training channel is for you.

You will learn how to get more traffic and more conversions. With my Internet Marketing experience, I can help you to get more of what you want and need and to get it faster.

For example, this YouTube channel is almost brand new, but I did several months of research before getting started.  

This brand new channel has a CTR  over 6% and viewer retention of 69.1%.  I have already put together a series of YouTube training videos to share what I have learned and what I am doing so that you can do the same.

In addition, you can look forward to a weekly give away which is a free Internet Marketing product that will help you in many ways since it often comes with resell rights.  

I also have a Pick Of The Week which is an out standing IM product or tool or service that should be of exceptional value. You can also look forward to videos about Internet Marketing and growing your YouTube channel.

I encourage you to subscribe so you do not miss out.  Thank you for visiting, I appreciate it.  Allow me to wish you much success.

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                        Win At Losing Weight!


You Are Not Alone!
If you are tired of trying to lose weight, only to gain more weight back, you are not alone.

Most diets do not work, and there is a reason. The reason is simple, so simple that we overlook it. The reason is that we are never taught how to lose weight.

We are taught diet, we are taught exercise...but that is not all there is. If that were all we needed, our first attempt to lose weight would be our last, since we would all succeed on our 1st try. The fact that about 95 to 97% of those who try to lose weight fail, is the unfortunate proof that there is something missing.

Our Win At Losing Weight 30 day email training course will change everything. It is free. It is not a diet, it is simply weight loss training that no one teaches.

Susan used a two century old flavor pairing secret that requires no change in diet or exercise.

Want to learn more?

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