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Find the Industry-Leading Ophthalmology Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier

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Ophthalmology is the study of eye-related medical disorders. Ophthalmologists are specialists who specialize in treating this organ medically and surgically. As a common practice, if you have symptoms of cataracts, eye infections, optic nerve difficulties, or other eye diseases, your doctor may recommend you to an ophthalmologist. Ophthalmology Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier

In Ophthalmology, many different types of equipment are used to treat a patient and in this technologically advanced medical science you need to get the best equipment to offer the most efficient medical services to your patients. We are offering you industry-leading technology in all our equipment which are properly certified and made to fit all your needs properly.


In Ophthalmology the equipment we offer include:

  • Slit Lamp Imaging Module: Phoenix
  • Slit Lamp Imaging Module: Phonto
  • Rebound Tonometer: RT-100
  • Auto Perimeter: AP-100
  • Portable Fundus Camera: FC-100
  • Portable Fundus Camera: FC-200
  • Slit Lamp: Aupha II
  • Slit Lamp: Aumega III
  • Slit Lamp: Aupha V
  • Slit Lamp: Aupha II Plus
  • Applanation Tonometer: R Type
  • Applanation Tonometer: T Type
  • Hand-Held Slit Lamp


What are the uses of this Ophthalmology Equipment?

    • Treatment for cancer.
    • Surgery to remove cataracts.
    • Surgery for glaucoma.
    • Transplantation of the cornea.
    • eyesight correction by refractive surgery.
    • Moderate-to-severe eye disease diagnosis and monitoring.
    • Removing a neoplasm-like tumor, cyst, or foreign item.
    • Mending retinas that have been damaged or disconnected.
    • Infections or obstructions in the tear ducts that are chronic or severe.
    • Reconstructive surgery to correct congenital defects or injuries, such as crossed eyes.
    • Cases involving other illnesses, such as diabetic retinopathy or immunological disorders, may be monitored or consulted on.
    • injections around the eyes and face to change the function and look of the facial structure.

There are many other treatments that require highly advanced Ophthalmology Equipment.


Why Choose Hongdee for Ophthalmology Equipment:

There are many significant reasons why Hongdee can offer you better quality equipment and high-end services than other competitors in the market.


Long-Term Experience: 15+ years of experience in ophthalmology.

Global Client Reach: In 60 countries, a distribution network has been established.

OEM: OEM for distributors is something we have done before.

Proper Certifications: The products have received CE certification and are FDA approved.

ISO Certification: ISO13485 and ISO9001 certifications are available.

Warranty Period: All goods come with a one-year warranty.

24x7 Support: Within 24 hours, you will receive a response.

Fast Lead Time: In most cases, the lead time is less than a week.

Find the best quality equipment from the industry-leading Ophthalmology Equipment Manufacturer & Supplier at: