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Utilize Safelists As A Marketing Tool

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Utilize Safelists As A Marketing Tool

Sending email

Be very wary of spam triggering words,as this will certainly be flagged as spam by the reputable ISPs and email companies.

You must use Gmail for sending email, if you're an affiliate marketer or SBO.

Recipients are looking at your name, the subject line,and a snippet of the email copy.

Each comes to view before the email is opened,so you see the need for each initial piece to be  very interesting and appealing. 

If you have a "list" then your name shoild be appealing. 

The validity of the email can be determined with one glance .

The quality of the glance will drive your OR.

Keep in mind,that the industry wide open rate is 20% and the average click through rate is only 2.5% in the home business opportunity niche.

Spam checker:

If you're using Safelists the OR will be below 1%. Recall, Safelists are a viable option for low-budget marketers.

Safelists are used for recruitment or building a list,never for sales.

 Since the open rate is so significant, the object is to utilize the snippet and subject line to arouse or compel persons to open the email.

 There will always be unsubscribes,every time you send a "followup"email to your list,you will get an average one quarter percent unsubscribe. 

So you can do the math, for a thousand subscribers 2.5 persons will unsubscribe.

Obviously to keep up,you'll  need to constantly add subscribers and grow your list to not only offset the unsubscribes,but to keep your business growing and healthy.

Moreover, your list,if done correctly,will become your business' main asset. 

Recall,subject line is the most important part of the email message, because it is the entrance to your email body.

The credibility of the gate determines if readers go through it.

Write the  subject line like you're addressing a friend.

If your open rate is below the normal industry open rate, look at the subject line first.

Stay away from sales pitches and  anything resembling spam.

Here a subject line grader,

You need to  recommend products and services that have significant value,something you would purchase. 

It's ok to use interesting and unusual diction and syntax in the subject line,such as question marks,brackets and percentages: 

Do you believe in miracles? [see video] or [free report]; 

Really 99% will fail in there diet without this

100% of successful marketers have this tool.

Use the word "report", don't use the phrase "free gift",instead, use clever wording like,take this eBook as I appreciate your friendship. 

Be sure to write in the second person singular or plural, "you, your,yours" and not the first person singular,"I".

Send time can be important, because you'd like your email to arrive first AM, when the recipient is fresh and just starting their day.

If you're using an Autoresponder, set send for 12AM.

Be sure  to send the same email out to those who didn't open the initial email, but this time,change the subject line.

Once they've opened the email,you  want them to click the link,this is the all important click through rate or CTR. 

Recall, the old rule-of-thumb,you need to position the link above the fold, this means as close to the top as possible;this is still applicable in 2020.

Put your link in the email body after not more then 2 or 3 lines. 

 Use a second link and a post script.   

Post scripts seem to always get read, because of the skim preference,therefore a great place to put your link.

Some experts claim postscripts should not be used in email. Most of the email marketers that I've seen use it.

However,If you just want a way of introducing a side topic,or post topic, you could just use a phrase like 'incidentally', 'on another note', 'by the way'.

So you want to write your emails with a compelling subject,if not compelling, different,never trite.

The email body needs to be terse but meaningful.

Keep the paragraph width very narrow and the length very short,as that will make it much easier to read through your email.

Keep in mind, redundant or trite subjects will not get it done, as I'd mentioned. 

Do not deceive, but vary the subject frequently, like every time you send. It must be different from the norm.

The conversion rate is the rate at which you get the recipients to take the desired action. 

The desired action may be to get an opt-in or signups to your list,or to get  recipients to join your MLM team..

 Never attempt to sell anything until there's a viable two way communication. The recipient has to know who you are.

Safelists and Solo Ads are used primarily for getting signups,just like your blog.

Also, social media adverts are generally used for signups.

It's hard to get meaningful sales,or sales that are not-lucky, using these tactics.

Meaningful sales come from customers,and customers imply relationships.

Keep in mind, that a small percentage of your list will buy 50% of the products and services that you sell. 

This small group (about .5%) will be your core group of loyal customers. 

This is the group on which the future success of your business will depend. 

You need to build relationships with gratis products and giveaways, and  by promoting significant value-add products or services.

If you prioritize these  guidelines,you will maintain that core group upon whom you can depend for  80-90% of your business.

 The best email marketers are the ones who are not only the  most consistent in sending out their emails, they also establish relationships. 

It's not frequency of mailing, it's consistency of mailing, and knowing how to create relationships, how to create that core group, that .05%-the all important buyers group.

By way of comparison,

Fake emails 

Fake emails (malware) can do damage to your computer and ransomware can encrypt your files. Hackers will  try to sell you a decryption key, if they are successful in installing ransomeware.

Windows 10's Defender can squelch a ransomeware attach.

Check for fake email address here.

Most solo ad vendors will not send out an email to their list with a LP that's not mobile friendly.

Verify your LP to be sure it's mobile friendly,

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