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Understanding IM Terms

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Customer Vendor Relationship 

PPC or pay per click advertising is the way in which you place a paid ad on a search engine's result's page or the pages in a publisher's site.

Placing an ad on search engine result's page is called SEM or search engine marketing.

The Google Adsense network,which is the publishing arm of Google.

Becoming a publisher turns the customer/vendor relationship around the other way as the IMer becomes the vendor.

That's right, the money flows in your least theoritically, as we all know the power of Google.

Google Adsense places ads on a vast content network of website publishers.

Well established internet marketers are both advertisers and publishers....customer and vendor.

 They'll advertise their products and services via the CPC or cost per click network on Google Ads.

As an advertiser you're looking at cost or expenses,so the Ads or other CPC network, will cost so much per click. 

The cost is set based on supply and demand and competition from other CPC advertisers.

If you enter a highly competitive keyword with massive clicks per month,then the higher the cost will be.

Also,In SEM marketing the cost depends on the network in which you place an advert.  

Obviously, Google Ads is more expensive, based on the quality and quantity of the web searchers.

Recall,advertisers can choose to have their advertisements displayed on the search network only,or they can select to have the advertisements displayed on the content network.

That removes it from the SEM realm, but it stays in the CPC sphere.

Click the below image to get a Google Adsense Wordpress plugin,

Keep in mind however, that an IMer needs significant niche traffic for Adsense to make sense.

You've seen that the perspective is different from the CPC of a search or content advertisting network, and the PPC orientation of a publishers content network.

CPC,or an advertiser, involves spending on ads,you pay so much per click. It involves either SEM or placing ads on the content advertisng network.

 PPC,relative to a publisher, involves income from ads. At least that's a clearer way of looking at it.

Publisher's networks include Adsense and, and Clicksure, as examples.

Here's another important site to which I'll point you,

Advertisers think about cost, but publishers think about income.

CPC refers to the actual price you pay for each click in your SEM or content network marketing campaign.  

PPC is the overall name of the SEM/CPC/Content Marketing Network;it's a pay per click network.

Obviously,the goal is the same from both perspectives, that is to increase revenue to grow your online business.

The publisher's network of Adsense does a great job of matching the advertisers' adverts,so they are targeted to relevant site content and audience.

As are the others I referred to above.

Publishers need to drive huge amounts of traffic to get the clicks to a multitude of niche sites.

Advertisers, of course, are more concerned getting relatively few quality clicks from enquirers who are very interested in their product offering.

PPC is the most powerful advertising technique because you have prospects looking for your service, product or MLM platform.

Contrast that, with you looking for prospects.

Most IMers and affiliates use a shotgun approach to prospecting, it's rather hit and miss approach.

PPC is really one shot hits the bullseye.

I've mentioned how well the Google advertising and publishing networks are able to hit the bulls-eye,as far as targeting traffic.

This is the most important concept to which Google focuses it's algorithm. 

It's also important to the internet marketer,whose livelihood depends on getting the correct searchers for their products and services. 

Also,getting the correct persons on the publishers' websites that are responsive to the PPC adverts.

As for SEM,you  know that Google Ads is an effective network with great results, but the cost can be prohibitive to small online business owners.

 So as far as search networks are concerned,the first alternative is Bing. 

There are also the content and display networks,about which we'll talk further down.

PPC Tools

You'll need  a base list of keywords related to your avatar to do PPC advertising.

Go to this free keyword generator tool, to get the base keywords,

Also,I'll give you a PPC ads generator tool,

Understand the time and effort it takes to get to page one of the organic results page,but SEM-CPC gets you there almost immediately.

Keep in mind that SEO does apply to SEM/CPC, but it's more relevant to organic SERP.

But organic SERP requires understanding SEO from more of a technical perspective, and strategic keyword placement.

Google Keyword Planner 

I'm not advocating Google Ads,but because of its efficacy and efficiency ,it's the top SEM/CPC ad network, as well as the most costly.

 Recall,Google Ads relies on the Google Keyword Planner for adding relevant niche campaigns.

Go to  sign into the site, then click on the tools and settings wrench pulldown, go to "planning" left column, and click "Keyword Planner".

Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals. Jim Rohn

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