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Published on 3/7/2020 additional information available

There Is No Secret To Making Money!

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Before I get started with this article let`s take a closer look at some of the ploys being used today that worked when first introduced by some of the top income earners online today. These are now outdated strategies and tactics, yet many continue to use them. 

  • Millionaire Reveals...
  • Discover The Secrets...
  • Free Video Reveals...
  • Earn $1,000`s Without Sponsoring...
  • We Have The Best...
  • We Have No Competition...
  • Ground Floor Opportunity...
  • Free System... 

Let`s look at the statement we have no competition. There are 2 things one must ask themselves when using this statement. One, can my potential customers find me and two, do they have something to compare us to? You need competition! 

The key is outsmarting the competition! Competition is a good thing for your business, remember without Ford there would be no Chevy and vice versa! So if someone tells you they have no competition pause before you join! No competition equals no online presence just saying!

Making money is an art not a secret which most times is revealed to those who truly believe it`s a secret. The art to making money comes down to how effectively one can market a particular product or service to draw the interest necessary to make sales! 

It`s a known fact that all businesses rely on effective marketing without it they can`t create a known online presence, attract interest, generate leads that may potentially result in sales!  That in a more simple term is the art of making money. 

Another false narrative is leading with a compensation plan for it doesn`t matter how great the plan may be without the proper marketing skills it will be difficult for one to earn income while one with the marketing skills will thrive even with a bad compensation plan! 

There are two major marketing strategies used by the majority of top income earners on the planet. One is paid advertising or paid targeted traffic and the other is through social marketing which is designed to attract interest and generate leads that potentially lead to sales! 

It`s not about pitching your deals or using hype and spin tactics it`s real marketing and real advertising! You must be willing to do one or the other and in some cases both! Social marketing is the most cost effective way but one must lead with value using this strategy. 

You cannot lead with a product or service you must use relevant content that will educate your potential client allowing them to determine the value. Present the content in a strategic way and never discount any content because of the fact people are drawn to different things. 

My AI recommended an article that was a 62% match on relevancy to my niche which was VR. You`ll be surprise how many people are interested in virtual reality technology! That is why I stated never discount any content because it will resonate with someone! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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