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Published on 3/15/2020 additional information available

How You Can Learn And Grow From Comments!

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Comments can be very useful and provide one with an informative perspective that can be educational for those who can see those golden nuggets! As long as one doesn`t mind constructive comments they can definitely improve and grow! 

IBO doesn`t want anyone to make any negative related comments but how does one comment and educate the writer especially when the information is either unproven, outdated or theoretical? They will never grow if we cannot comment in a favorable and respectable way? 

If our comment can help someone realize they need to re-think their strategy especially when we know from proven methods they are traveling in the wrong direction! One can be consistent daily using the wrong strategies and will end up working harder than needed! 

I enjoy getting constructive comments because I can learn and grow from them! One cannot keep stating how good a strategy, software or system is especially if they are not using it! Those who continue doing so are very easy to spot. Do your own demo! 

Never promote something just to make a buck especially if you are not using or believe in it. Everything I write about especially when it comes to a system, product, service or software tool I record my own demo walkthrough and you should too! 

Still there are many who either refuse to change or just won`t change. I`m not going to waste any time repeating what I stated before about typical marketing strategies being that one can research it themselves to see what I stated is just facts! 

I welcome all comments being it allows me to get one`s perspective! Something in the comment can be just what was needed to help one make a change or make a tweak in the strategies being used! That is how one can grow and evolve as a business person. 

How many people will except one`s business card with all this Corona Virus going on? Always be prepared especially with your business! Think of all who have paper cards in their possession who never thought this would happen! This just made business sense to me!

One thing to consider that even after this passes people will still have a fear being cautious on readily excepting material objects from anyone! No hype, no trying to convince you just stating facts! Those who see a benefit will take action, those who don`t won`t. No problem! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.



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