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Published on 3/18/2020 additional information available

How Has Your Business Fared During These Times?

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There are many brick and mortar businesses suffering during these pandemic times even those who are promoting certain industries too. I hope everyone is maintaining their business! Those who created Grubhub, Doordash, etc... Are thriving during these times. 

Can your business help other businesses during these trying times? Restaurants that never thought about delivering are now considering doing so. I`m in a position to help them promote and advertise their menu specials to the local community! 

A majority of consumers are now unwilling to leave their homes unless it`s absolutely necessary and helping those restaurants reach those consumers via their mobile devices, tablets, laptops and desktops increases their chances of  not losing a lot of money! 

How many of you or people you know are still relying on paper business cards? People are also cautious about receiving one`s business card so I once again help those who rely on those cards and now they can share their contact information without handing out a paper card!

As an entrepreneur you need to always believe things are going to happen it`s just a matter of when although we hope they never happen! There are many business owners who do not have an online presence wishing they did especially with this pandemic going on worldwide! 

Are you in a position to help those business owners? You should always look to learn a skill that will create other income streams for you and your family! Unfortunately many continue to ignore these proven facts following outdated strategies or the wrong people. 

Never use this virus as a marketing ploy that is the most unethical thing anyone could ever do! If your business can help consumers and other business owners go for it!! I`m here to help attract interest and generate leads for one`s business! Be safe everyone!!!!!!! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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