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Published on 3/5/2020 additional information available

Create Non Optin Funnels To Educate & Bring Value To Your Potential Customer!

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Are you aware of the increase of business builders seeking to get potential clients to input their information (Name&Email Info) just to get one to either create some free account or subscribe to their list? Many potential clients refuse to subscribe or provide valid information. 

Have you ever thought about using a different strategy? Something that would educate and bring value to your potential client without the pressure of having them needing to exchange their information first? Too many are using aggressive list building tactics! 

What I decided to do was use a different approach by looking at the aggressive tactics through the eyes of a potential client and to feel what they may be feeling when going through the process. It actually disgusted me forcing me to evaluate this tactic! 

I added a non optin funnel that is designed to educate and bring complete value to my potential client! No pressure of them needing to exchange their information to get the knowledge they are seeking. If they see the value you will get their contact information for your list! 

That`s why it`s very important for one to have their own website instead of using replicated websites! Your potential client is getting to know who you are and what type of value you are presenting them which would have been more difficult trying to get their information first! 

I simply help people attract interest and generate leads for their business which is the goal of all business owners worldwide! This should also be the goal for your own business too! The question is, what are you doing to attract interest and generate leads? 

If you continue doing what other typical business builders are doing you will keep getting those same results! Are you truly marketing your business or are you pitching your business? Here`s what I know is a fact and you can research it for yourself! 

No business on this planet has made money without doing any work! So this notion of one being able to earn $1,000`s without doing any type of work either through marketing, meeting face to face or via the telephone is nonsense and BS!! 

One must be willing to provide value via a solution to their potential client`s problem. There are many worldwide seeking information that can potentially provide a solution to their problems and it`s up to us all to position that solution in front of their eyes! 

The system that I use for my online marketing is getting ready to add retargeting which will keep our ads in front of potential clients no matter where they surf on the internet. This is a strategy many top income earners use in their campaigns! 

Why is retargeting important? For one statistics show that 2% or less of your site`s visitors will actually make a purchase. Keeping the relevant information in front of them will increase your odds of success! This is running your business as a business not as a hobby. 

You cannot keep denying the fact that monies need to be invested and I`m not talking about investing monies into unproven, outdated, theoretical or just plain bad strategies! Keep taking the typical approach you will continue getting the typical results! 

I would love to get your feedback on the funnel I have that will educate and provide value to my potential clients! I welcome all feedback so don`t do me any favors by sugar coating your feedback. Remember I`m a US Marine Veteran! Thank you for any feedback you may have! 

Spencer Taylor Jr.

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