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Sales Incentives

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This is one of the most powerful incentive programs in the online digital space. In today`s business you need an incentive that will not just great value but also leaves a lasting impression on your customers or potential customers! I also use this incentive strategy for my own business ventures and it has made a big difference! You can even used these incentives as gifts, raffles or anything you can imagine! You have the ability to give away unlimited complimentary gifts to your loyal customers or potential customers. This strategy can give you the edge you need. Have any questions call me direct at 910-516-1319

Enhanced Biz Solutions LL

I help people attract interest and generate leads for their business via two proven strategies paid advertising and social marketing. One must truly identify who their target market is in order to be successful online. All I ask is for you to take a tour of our all in one online marketing system before making a decision. Click to learn more and get 100% of the information, if you have any questions you can contact me direct at 910-516-1319

Now Site Marketing

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We have identified two important factors in the online industry that truly matters when building an online business. All the major income earners use these 2 factors, real advertising and social marketing which we can help you with both! We have created a new strategy called 3 click marketing take a look and see if what we have can benefit your business.

Video Marketing Strategy

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A majority of business owners utilize video to promote their products & services. Video will become the king of content and I help those who use a video marketing strategy get their videos ranked on the 1st page providing an analysis of their targeted keyword/s, showing the top 10 videos that are ranking, if those 10 are fully optimized for those keywords and suggest based on that analysis on what they need to do to rank their videos! You can see my own personal results by clicking the products link.

EDBC Digital Solutions

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Many business owners purchase paperback business cards every year. Fact is 88% of all business cards are discarded within the 1st week so I help those business owners save money implementing digital technology that will allow them to share their contact information instantly to their potential clients by tapping their digital business card on their mobile device.

EBS Health Solutions

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Many people are exposed to toxins and heavy metals daily and it`s important for one to detox those dangerous elements from their body! Maintaining your body`s optimal health daily is a job that takes one being committed to their health and well being. There are many products being promoted and would never claim we have the best. Try once before deciding it`s not for you or your family as we both can agree that a wise man and woman can only make a decision based on 100% of the information!

EBS Financial Education

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The Tradera allows one to learn about investing strategies especially in the Forex market. You have the ability to earn as you learn coupled with a powerful business model to earn income that can be used for investing.