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Hello, my name is Spencer Taylor Jr a US Marine Veteran who served in the Marine Corps from 1984-90. I was a part of the Fleet Marine Force Marine Security Forces counter and anti-terrorist unit and the Reaction Force for Fleet Anti-terrorist Security Team.

During my obligation I learned many skills, some I use in my offline ventures teaching DHS Contract Armed Security Officers. I also was the training supervisor for a company that had numerous gov`t contracts and taught my subordinates the same skills.

I began my home business venture in the mid 1990`s using the MLM Health & Wellness niche. My business partners and I soon realized this was not going to be easy and we all got caught up in the friends and family syndrome.

We as many others thought that they would support our business and boy were we wrong! We created flyers which we put on cars at night, used the fax machine, the dreaded memory jogger, 3 foot rule and even standing at Metro stations passing out information.

We also did product demos at numerous Health Fairs and still didn`t get the results we were looking for. It wasn`t until we learned that the top income earners weren`t even using the same strategies they were pushing on us. Most were on a contractual agreement.

My journey to the correct method of building my business was a program called Mentors in Motion where I and my business partners invested monies into a training where we learned how to put the telephone to use calling those who were seeking income.

Most will state they enjoy helping others and I say help those who are in need when you can because it`s what we all should do anyway! I understand my success is dependent on my business partners success and that is priority number one.

Besides my offline ventures I also help consumers save up to 70% off their cable or satellite TV monthly bills, duct work, customizing clients android streaming devices and I also help independent business owners get more eyes on their products/services

We all understand there is something all businesses need and cannot survive without. That is happy customers for they will be more loyal and refer others to your business. The majority of my income is from offline and still new to the online space.

I have learned quite a bit from those who are very successful online knowing just follow what they are doing in a cost effective way but never being afraid to invest the monies necessary for our business. You must treat your business as a business to succeed.

My mission is to help as many independent business owners who truly want the help get more eyeballs on whatever they may be marketing and promoting working hands on to assist them. They will also have my direct and personal number.

A few questions for you. Do you believe you`re getting the right eyes on your business? Do you believe your marketing system provides all the tools you need? Can you do business overseas? Are you using an advertising strategy?

These are very important questions you must answer for yourself. Can you position your information anywhere in the world? Can you attend major events without physically being there? I can help your business with all the questions I asked you!

I also enjoy fishing, tennis, bowling, range shooting, martial arts training, motorsports, chess, etc... I would love to help you enhance your own business ventures if you are open to using proven strategies! Beware of outdated, bad, unproven strategies! 

     Spencer R. Taylor Jr
USMC Veteran/Entrepreneur






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