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Published on 8/13/2019 additional information available

10 Ridiculously Expensive Boats Only The Richest Can Afford

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From The Desk Of:

Oh, to be able to afford one of these babies.  Dream on!!

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tomas huynh2 years ago

22 subscribers

I am so poor that i cant even see the whole video...

Rick Bourne 8 months ago

0 subscribers

I think it was 4.5 BILLION dollars. That's OK, many in Washington DC often get their millions and billions mixed up. ;-)

Bonzo3 days ago

3 subscribers

Only the rich can afford WITH OUR TAX DOLLARS

Chickin Who Makes Video’s4 months ago

212 subscribers

I have a Yacht, it’s toy sized but it’s fun to pretend

Sweet Stuff4 days ago

7 subscribers

Some people just have too much money. How about sharing?

Demi2 years ago

109 subscribers

"Only the richest can afford" *looks at the channel name* Huh

Tyece Gallien4 days ago

0 subscribers

My house is 2650sq ft, and their bedroom is 2500sq ft??? Holy s**t. Way too big. What do you do with all that space?

jkid3231 year ago

1 subscribers

so basically i can draw a concept yacht and it will make this list? since more then 70 percent of these boats are all concepts... Fine my yacht would be 1 mile long 2 miles wide will have 5 high risers a water park and 5 starbucks 1 in and out and amazon prime 8 restaurants and a small magic mountain ... ok now make a new video and put concept yacht as the number one

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Core4 months ago

5 subscribers

People with AirPods are too poor too afford the cords

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