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Published on 8/6/2019 additional information available

The Story: What Ever Happened To The Astrodome?

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As you probably know the Houston Astrodome was the first domed stadium in the United States.  It has sat abandoned for many years now but it is getting ready to come back to life.  Below is the full story:

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The Astrodome, opened for the 1965 baseball season and saw it's last baseball game played in October 1999.  By the early 2000's other major events began to find newer/better facilities and by 2004 the Astrodome was on it's last legs.  During this time the city was awarded an expansion football franchise, the Houston Texans.  Instead of using the teamless Astrodome, the city built a brand new stadiun, Reliance (now NRG) stadium, right next to the Astrodome.

The domed structure was officially closed until further notice during the summer of 2008 due to various health  and safety code violations.  With the building sitting abandoned, in 2012 Houston conducted a study to determine what to do with the building.  There was great public support to keep the building rther than demolish it.  There were several ideas proposed but all were to expensive to be supported at the time.  Taxpayers actually voted down a specific $300,000,000 ($300 million) revamp of the stadium in 2013.

In late 2015 a new $105 million proposal was submitted that seemed to have good support.  The revamped structure would have parking at ground level and 9 acres of event space above.  In 2017 the dome was deemed to be a historical structure.  The full $105 million was approved in 2018 and the revised building was set to open in 2020.  Now, if you know anything about large scale construction projects you would surely bet that th new venue will not open until 2022 (or later) and will cost much more than $105 million.

Anyway, the Astrodome seems to be safe, secure and able to serve future generations of people in Houston.

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