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Published on 8/15/2019 additional information available

Recent Comments From My Upline Sponsor

#HB Naturals

My upline sponsor in HB Naturals is a really super charged young man.  He is supposed to be on vacation this week and below are some of the motivational and training tips he sent out earlier today.  He's crazy...he does this every day!  Enjoy:


Most people you talk to will tell you no.

Most people who join your team will do very little if anything at all.

You only need a few who "get it" to create a large, full-time income. 

Don't take the NO's personal. Don't get upset when people don't get it. Don't want success more for others than they want it for themselves. 

Focus on what you can control. Stay persistent and consistent and keep talking to people. Everything will sort itself out.


For the right person, you could make a great side income just retailing a few products each month. You could keep a small inventory or just promote your retail website. Since you earn 50% commissions on each sale, it wouldn't take much to make a few hundred dollars per month.


How can you honestly expect to be successful in the business if you are promoting 3, 5, even 10 or more MLM Companies at once? How can you expect your prospects to take you seriously?

Would you want a sponsor who is promoting five different deals? Would you want all of your team members promoting five different deals?

I understand you want multiple streams of income. But why not build ONE income stream first and then diversify with other non-MLM type income streams?

I don't know any successful rep in any company promoting more than one deal. They might exist, but I have not met them.

What most people doing this have is MULTIPLE STREAMS of BROKENESS, not multiple streams of income.


Let's Make Some Money Together:

I make money selling CBD Oil and other essential oils online.  You can too!

CBD Oil and CBD based products are the hottest selling itemss on the market today.  Haven't you at least wondered what all the hype is about?  Or wanted to try CBD oil based products yourself?

With HB Naturals you can:

  • Join as a wholesale customer or distributor for free.
  • Earn commissions even if you don't purchase  any products yourself.
  • Try our fairly priced products with a 60 day, money back guarantee! (less shipping & 10% restocking fee)

Here is the link to take a free tour of the HB Naturals website:  CLICK HERE!

If you like what you see get back to me.  I will answer any questions you may have and help you get started on the right path.

I know you can improve your health & make more money with this company and I look forward to helping you do that.

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