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Published on 7/25/2019 additional information available

How Did Our Arabic Numbers Get Their Shapes?

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I don't claim to be a super math wizard or anything near that.  But I saw a video recently that explained how our numbers (0 thru 9) got their shapes.  I found it quite interesting and I hope you will too!

If you go back and try to define who created the numbers we use today it can be an exasperating experience. Some give credit to the Phoenicians in the period 1200 BC to 500 BC, others credit the Egyptions, and still others credit the Indians around 1500 AD.

I researched this and I have to admit I cannot say for sure who crafted the numbers we use today.  But, I can tell you how they looked originally and why they took those shapes.  And regardless who created the shapes, we refer to our numbers and the Arabic Numbers.

It all has to do with the use of angles and how many angles each number had originally.  For example, the number zero is an oval shaped number with no (zero) angles within it's shape.  The number 1 has 1 angle in its original shape, the number 2 has 2 angles, the number 3 has 3 angles, etc.

The video below offers a more detailed and visual description which may be easier to understand.




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