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My name is Dave Hayes & Welcome to my profile.

The reason I joined IBO toolbox, way back in October 2013 ( yes, all those years ago!) was A because it was free. Though the years I have discovered, just how powerful a platform it can be.

IBO generates you tons of free traffic & simply for using the platform. To give you an EG, when you login to the platform, at the bottom right of the members area, you are shown system stats, of how much traffic visits the platform.Those figures are phoenominal, from that traffic, as long as you are using the platform the right way, you will generate a stack of visitors to your own profile

Those figures are shown, on the left of your profile and when you use the platform consistently and daily, those figures increase, which is all, free traffic.It is also a phoenominal training platform, with weekly webinars on how to use the platform

So thats why I joined IBO Toolbox, now let me introduce myself properly ; ) 

My name is Dave Hayes & I am from the south coast of the UK,. in a place called Chichester

I have been associated with affiliate marketing Since 1999, specifically the niche of advertising and marketing, after being introduced to this niche at that time and liking it so much I stayed put! ( Apart from a brief foray into MLM, which though I am an advocate of, takes far too long to earn the kind of money which advertising and marketing offers)

Between 2000 & 2006, I aligned myself with PIP, SFI and GDI, for a period of at least 1 year with each venture, however, after much graft with each and looking further at the compensation plans each had, it was quite clear that to earn any decent, significant income, then I would have to rely on recruiting, referring and sponsoring

I came to realise that this type of affiliate marketing was called traditional or low ticket affiliatmarketing... In short the financial rewards amount to no more than a few hoursovertime, if you had a job

So I decided to stop and look for a venture that would allow me to achieve the sort of income goals I was looking for, without  relying on recruiting or sponsoring


In 2007, I brought a book, which showed me exactly how to market online and to attract the exact type of client I was looking for, to me

It explained I needed to two things

1) Build my own list, 

on a domain I owned and attach that to an autoresponder preferably one that was geared for the affiliate marketing sector and which paid high ticket commissions

2) Promote Business advertising solutions to fellow Independent business owners, that their businesses, needed, wanted and must have


So I aligned myself with a company, that had these products and services and focused on 

Building my own list...& Providing business advertising  Solutions#

Bingo, I started earning more money part time list building, than I was with my job


In fact my success was so good & quick, that within a few months I was able to quit my secure Job to work full time online, providing these solutions.  

With over 19 years online marketing experience, together with over 30 years in total of working with the small independent business market sector, I am well placed, experienced and qualified to show you, how your business can benefit and grow, so you get... 

Financial Independence

You see, unless you build your own list, You don't earn any money and you don't achieve Time Freedom.... Which is 

The reason you choose to work online, in the first place

You can find links to the products, will help you generate traffic and build your list, to the left of this profile, under the business links section &...If I had one recommendation from the list of business links, it would be this one

Important note

NB From experience, while free traffic generation is good, it still has a cost... Your Time

To build your list, fast you need good quality paid traffic. Paid traffic lets you scale and grow at a rapid rate of knots and way faster than free traffic

Since using IBO tool box and all the benefits it has, I have found this to be a very effective way of attracting more clients to me.

Away from 'work' for want of a better word  ; ) I am a passionate and obsessive football fan, supporting both Wimbledon & Portsmouth. Why 2, well they are my previous and my current home town football teams

I co~own Wimbledon and have shares in a well established off line retail business

My interests are wide and varied, but include being with family, drinking good wine, comedy, music ( english 80s), cycling, Minis ( the car, not skirts!!) and a whole host more which will no doubt come through my PRs

Thanks for taking the time to read my profile, and to help you further navigate around the titles at the top

You can read more about my business Here Tab, while you can read the latest blog posts under Press Releases and if its a review, or how to video your are looking for then please check out the Videos

If you want to find out more, or want a 1~2~1 Consultation about your business, then you can Contact Me 

I look forward to networking further with you on any of the social profiles shown below during the rest of this year and beyond.


Independent Affiliate Advertising Specialist

Specialising in Showing Independent Online Business Owners how to grow their List

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