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IBOtoolbox adserver v3.1
IBOtoolbox adserver v3.1

Published on 9/11/2019 additional information available

Pleasing Stats...

Its been a while since IBO had a makeover and a long over due one it was, but still a very pleasing one.

It encouraged me to use the platform more, I have been a member here, like a lot of others since the beginning, but perhaps never really appreciated the benefits that IBO gives us

However, that has changed since the revamp and I am finding I am spending more time here, which is soley for one reason 

Stats ...

If your slightly newer here, then you may not fully appreciate what the platform does

Its called IBO Toolbox, for a reason, because it is exactly that, a Toolbox for Independent Business Owners

Since reusing it, I have had some pleasing stats, and I thought I would share them with you, not to brag or boast, but to show others how well the platform works

Now this is just my stats for this week, but so far I have had 19 visitors to my profile 

just under 800 visitors this month 

in total since being on this platform just over 44,000 visitors

Now granted thats not much compared to some, but for the newer people to the platform, it shows the potential available

Ad Click throughs are at around 5%, which again is good and I'm reliably advised by another well established member here, that CTRs can be in 10%'s well bring that on!!

The only thing I have yet to do is advertise banners, so thats my next step, because banners display and can be seen. 

The reason I mention these stats is because, I was a heavy user of Traffic Exchanges, but have scaled that right back to just two and I use them for a specific reason, one of them being the above stats, which make my life easier. I now use mainly solo ads, because as we know, they are great for list building and again I only use a few of them, but those which are tested and tracked to produce results

So, if you are newer here, treat IBO like a an ad business of sorts and check your results here, because you will be pleased when you do

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