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ICanGet Relaunch

Tuesday call will be on:
Tuesday, June 23, 2020 (Please check your time zone) 
Or convert your local time to the current Eastern time. 

Call: 1-716-273-1237
Conference ID / Access Code: Sign up for free at
ITJ to receive June 22nd!
InvitationToJoin for free and find the following calls in the back-office under the button "Training".
Last Week's Call:
Self-Discipline (Tuesday, June 09, 2020)
{Has a teaser for future full-length on Self-Discipline plus exciting details about iCanGet2 Relaunch!}
Week before Last Week's Call:
The Art of Speaking Well (Tuesday, June 02, 2020)
{The title says it all!}.


ICAN Connect UsAs Easy as "Follow Me!"

Now, thanks to the ingenuity of the Silent Salesman Mobile Marketing Platform, you only need to invite your prospects and or customers to simply "follow me" on your "ICAN Connect Us" social media app!

Due to the tremendous popularity of social media, this is removes all the typical resistance in trying to get prospects to subscribe to email lists and other opt in services! Then, once your prospects/customers become SUBSCRIBERS, you can easily reach them 24/7 for any announcements, news flashes, menu changes, sales, promotions... you get the picture.

No longer does you have to rely on the increasingly ineffectiveness of email, or worry about losing customers due to Spam SMS text messages. You can now immediately reach out to every single subscriber, and put any desired message exactly where it will get the best "bang for the buck"... right on their smartphone!

By combining our new and innovative social media total app, and presence with our unparalleled "Mini Mobile Website" (which, get this, comes already set up to promote ITJ, but can easily be customized and changed to promote ANYTHING you want), we have created the IDEAL Mobile Marketing Platform which you can now use to promote your InvitationToJoin - ICAN Connect Us app business, or ANY business or businesses you wish!


Top App Creation - Easy Solution for Your Needs!Your Own App! Free Text Blasts! See Crazy Low Price!Infrastructure is so Revolutionary!

[Re: Every direct referral who purchases the optional Custom App - You receive approximately 20% of their monthly fee & approximately 20% of their monthly fee is shared with others.  Click banner above for details!]


Technology as Your Best Employee!Your Own App! Free Text Blasts! See Crazy Low Price!

BRAND NEW! Now, promote your membership with you very own customizable ITJ mini-mobile website and Smart Phone app!

It's like 1996 all over again. You see, back then people would ask 'What is a website?' and 'Why do I need a web site?' Today the same thing is happening with apps but like everything else, public adoption is happening at lightening speed unlike any other new product ever has. And now, for the first time, you can have your very own complete InvitationToJoin App which your friends, customers, prospects etc can download right on their phone! (This is an exclusive offer only available through your membership with ITJ and is just a meager purchase fee per month option!)

When Apple approved our app, they told us, by phone, which, by the way, is something they never do, that our app is "the best mobile marketing and communications app" they ever approved. I imagine that's because they'd never seen anything like it!

We have combined the power of social media, mobile marketing, targeted advertising and communications into one, extremely powerful, and more importantly, effective, Mobile Marketing Platform. You see, we have incorporated the necessity of social media into our platform, and now, you won't have to beg his/her prospects and customers to "download my app," (which is what EVERYONE has to do now... It's the one downside of mobile marketing in the traditional sense).

[Re: Every direct referral who purchases the optional Pre-Done "ICAN Connect Us" App {customize later if you like to whatever} - You receive approximately 40%  of their monthly fee.  Click banner just above this text for more details!]
Join free the InvitationToJoin & purchase the "ICAN Connect Us" pre-done but customizable later app.
Click on the "Silent Salesman" link once in your account to purchase the "ICAN Connect Us" pre-done app.


Deal for Network Marketing CEO! Silent Salesman Mobile App

[Re: Every signup who purchases the optional Custom App from CEO - You receive approximately 6% of their monthly fee - Network Marketing CEO receives approximately 33% of their monthly fee.
Note: Contact me for more information.]

Unbelievable Opportunity to Make Serious Money! Silent Salesman Broker App

[Re: Every referral who purchases their SBO Custom App for one time set-up fee plus monthly fee - You receive approximately 80% of their one time set-up fee plus 25% of their monthly fee.
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Secure Capital to Create Wealth! GoLoan, you can apply online!

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