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Hey how are you doing?

I Sincerely hope that you and your family are healthy wealthy and wise right now especially in light of  this world pandemic that has most of us locked down and for a lot of people right now it is absolutely devastating. 

If there is  anyone that I can lift up in these times that is what I'm looking to do...

If this is the first time that you are checking out my ibotoolbox press release or profile..welcome my friend come join the party...

As you can see there's a reason they call me "THE SAXTREPRENEUR" and that video above gives you one massive clue lol Oh by the way check out my watch party here and have a dance with me or play it in the back ground

Now for the last 2 years i've enjoyed entertaining in fact a good 70% of my income has come from playing alongside DJs at weddings with bands in studios as a session player the group that im in is producing an album and we have massive interest but unfortunately right now thats on hold..By the way if you click the video above and you check the comments section after you will see a link to a watch party where we are entertaining..

Mental thing is this whole thing has now got a lot of people in the make money online niche jumping up and down screaming jump on this new shiny ball yet 97% still fail to understand that you need to lead by sharing value cos if your focusing on the money right now you have already lost! 

Allow me to entertain you further................

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Telling me you have the best thing since sliced bread before getting to know me building my trust and finding out my needs and wants is like..

Walking into a vegan party with a tray of meat!

EG Some one reacted to my last wall post by sending me a message and spamming me a link for a crypto browser  telling me its the easiest quickest way to get free crypto!

Not knowing i've already done my due diligence not knowing my coach is my younger brother who makes 40k plus a month not knowing im actually more useful as an asset not your prospect, in fact not knowing one single thing about me.

That's like taking someone on a date sitting there and just talking about yourself!!

What do you think is going to happen?

Simple truth is I put my wall post out there because over the last 4 days between other things that i do and now that im locked into my affiliate skills and at home, trust me there is plenty that I have the developed the skills to do, I proved first that by watching a few vids taking a few surveys, checking out a few games, watching PTC ads and getting involved in what they call the rain pool chat it was very simple to earn $5.48 which I can now withdraw to my crypto wallet and even exchange for cash.

"No one is going to do that with a crypto browser as a newbie in 4 days"!

How ever it gets better than that because secretly i've been developing a way that I can help new or existing marketers to leverage sites that pay you for doing tasks into life style changing opportunities. If you are already connected with me and you haven't taken advantage of the freebies i've been putting out on my wall then your actually missing some very helpful value right now.

It has been my intention for a while to use my youtube skills more and share more tips tricks and techniques and I have to admit my music passion took the limelight for a while in my life and i don't regret that for one second because i'm happy i learned the skills to give me that choice and freedom, however now is a good time to jump on my channel especially now there is no where else for to go and over the next 90 days im about to experience a very self disciplined routined life style and i got to admit that's a mental challenge for  a party tiger like me but one i will rise to and still enjoy educating and sharing value with others..Watch Parties here i come big time lol

Any way i know exactly what it is like to struggle i know what it's like when you think your in competition with everyone else. i know what it's like when you allow your ego to stop you from reaching out to other people who have more experience and success cos it took me until i literally had nothing to step outside of myself and truly reflect. I felt inferior to a little bro who at 33 has already experienced what most of us would love to do so many times and yes that sibling big brother little brother competitiveness was hard for my ego to let go off. I'm glad i did im glad i finally realized that the only person you and me are in competition with is ourselves so right now I'm going to challenge your mind i'm going to pay it forward in this lock down and when we get through this my friend and that we will, then we will rise up to be the best version of ourselves that we will ever be and you will be humbly amazed at the genuine people you attract because of the value that you share..

I'm not asking for your money but i am asking for your time because I already have a coach before me whose a giant in this industry and because of that I do see further I do have that certainty that in all honesty we all need but now is my turn to come away from the shadows and look for others that i can lift up and when we pass through this hell yeah there will be street parties celebrating and hopefully humanity will have learnt to come together more but also be prepared for the changes ahead..

EG how much longer do you honestly think that paper money that you are carrying is going to exist before it all goes digital... "do you really think that's air you're breathing?"

Don't react because of desperation..

Respond because of education.

Start earning for free by registering your free cointiply account when you hit the banner. I will be dropping a video on this but don't be lazy, this thing won't break if you go check it out and try a few things and i don't bite if you come and ask me for help unless you spam me with a shiny ball that i never asked for needed or wanted and you and me will share value and become like family :)

Much Love, See Ya Soon

Clive Martin

"The Saxtrepreneur"




How are you doing?

Great to meet you here

My name is Clive Martin also known as

"The Saxtrepreneur"

I am 44 born in the UK from a mixed background. 
My Dad is from Jamaica and my mother is English.

So i'm a mixture of all sorts who likes meeting new 
genuine people, networking sharing value and the
kind of guy that generally just loves to create a good

If you have not guessed already one of the biggest
passions that I love is been a musician and saxophonist. 
I get to play alongside  DJs, with Bands, entertaining at 
weddings, restaurants and recording in the studio and 
presently recording my first album with a group called 

"The Sub Spartans". 

Here is a taster, watch here

Now we got the SAX part sorted out, now onto the

"Trepreneur" part. Scroll below my sax bitmoji

Never-Before-Seen Footage Finally Goes LIVE...
"How To Get 1,000's of Others to Work For You, 24/7...
While YOU Keep the Cash!"

Catch You Soon !

Clive Martin 
The Saxtrepreneur

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