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Published on 12/21/2019 additional information available

Your looking for something easy but making your life hard. Look for the things that make you better!

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Sometimes in life your going feel like you have hit a brick wall 
and it feels easier to give up retreat turn back and stick to those 
things that make you happy because your not wired to take the pain, 
it doesn't often feel nice to feel mentally challenged to get out of the 
comfort zones that you have become acustomed too.

If your reading this right now and deep down you know you have goals 
you have dreams to better your life and you have a "WHY" reason or 
several i'm talking to you!

Get back up, look around you.. 
look at the enviroment you are in, 
cut as much negativity out of your life that you can. 

If your surrounded by people that constantly put you down, leave them, 
remove the drama that your mind has become addicted to and start 
gravitating towards people who have accomplished what you want and 
get out of that crab bucket!

If it hurts your making progress.. 

Don't think for one second if you want to win that fight that your not going 
to go through some kind of growing pain. 

Get with people who can coach or mentor you and 
learn the skills that will make you better.

People that succeed in life do the things that need to be done 
not only when they feel like it but often when they don't. 

Sometimes we give up because it feels so mundane repetitive 
and we want to see results instantley but those that win 
will constantly graft on the right skill set
untill they achieve the desired result.

If you constantly live your life looking to do what is easy 
then your life will be hard 


If your goals, 
If your dreams 
If your vision..... 

Deep down is worth more than all the dramas of the past
that you want to leave behind,

Pick up your tools and start smashing through that wall 
because their is no turning back when you choose to win.


Here is my most recommended tool to use coming into 2020.

I have done a short write up below the banner explaining why this 

is the smartest desicion you could make and a proposition that will 

benefit your journey next year.

Created by my younger brother and online mentor, Stealth Commissions
Is a total blueprint for mastering and dominating your niche on Youtube!

Several years back my brother was taught and mentored how to explode his business using youtube. It's still kinda uncomprehendable to a lot of people that this platform was the key factor that took him from ZERO to $10k per month within 83 days. He later went on to making $40,000 plus per month. He created a complete ever green educational video walk through from setting up your Youtube channel to how to use his methods to gain a massive unfair advantage and rank page 1 on Youtube.

When I didn't have the confidence or skill set that I have now, I tested this out back in May 2018 when I did my first review for Ibotoolbox using his tutorials. You will find the video "ibotoolbox review" still ranks number 2 to this day and yes in 2020 i'll be taking my video marketing very seriously and no doubt I'll be coming back here not just for the back links but also to advertise the tools that we have here in ibotoolbox..

This is not a gimmick with a monthly cost and you will definatly find it extremly hard to get more bang for your buck so im amazed personly that the asking price is not at least 10 times higher. I've seriously looked and attended webinars of other youtube authorities and nothing has ever come close to it and as I'm now following his example and have recommended this to friends I've made along the way, I am getting extremly positive feed from people in all sorts of niches..

In Todays social media world there is nothing that gains more attraction and builds that "Like Know and Trust" more than video and as quoted by Forbes, Video now completley dominates 80% of all consumer sales across all social media platform.

Do you want to be left fighting to be seen in the 20% using tactics that are fastly becoming fossilized?

I personally come from a direct sales background of 22 business to business and the number one major reason I've seen that has destroyed so many business people so many entrepreneurs is their lack of adapting.

Even if it seems like an elephant of a task to take on at first if you treat this as a course over a couple of weeks to a month,I know without a doubt you will come back and thank me.

Don't use been camera shy as an excuse because you can download a free version of screencast o matic and opt for camera only, Share screen only or a combo of both. I've never met a business owner that hides under their counter when a customer walks in. 

Yes there are 2 upsells which are optional however you can't come 
back later to get them and the 3rd upgrade even covers how to leverage 
your Ibotoolbox video's here even further and putting into prospective,

you will find it very difficult to find this level of value for less than $400

and I know the low price point was created to drive traffic to a higher 

ticket. So i can honestly say don't expect this to stay forever because it 

definatly won't be.

In future look out for my tips on reaching youtube monitization as my next

goal is to build up an income from my channel from sponsored ads but in the 

meantime, hit the "stealth commissions banners" to access and start your training.

See you soon 

"Future YouTuber"

Clive Martin
The Saxtrepreneur

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