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Published on 11/8/2019 additional information available

My adds up tutorial on how to click ads and get paid, its simple!

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Thank you for checking out my first introduction video on my adds up and how to click ads and get paid.

 Feel welcome to click the subscribe button and the notification bell so that you can easily be kept up to date with my next my adds up review. My adds up is a simple system that allows you to click ads and get paid any thing up to $36 per click!

I initiatally started using this system 4 weeks back at the level 5 entry level earning $2.70 a day using a simple 5 minute daily stratergy and now at level 8 less and less than a week away to jumping into level 9 this will be $40 daily including refferal commissions.

When you join using the banner above or below you will get access to our my adds up team, we will share our my adds up stratergy, give you access to my adds up calculator to help you plan your progress. We will add invite you to our skype group and fully go over every detail of my adds up and how it works.  We will guide you on your first my adds up deposit and withdrawal and share plenty of my adds up withdrawal and payment proofs If you are not to sure how to use my adds up, even if you are not directly in my team, by subscribing to my youtube channel, you will give you immediate access to every my adds up tutorial that I am in the process of creating plus I will be sharing tips tricks and techniques that you can use  and share with your team or other opportunities that you might be involved with. Check out a few bonus's and free trials below. To use my adds up you purchase Ad packs that allow you to advertise any other affiliate marketing program or opportunity that you may be involved with. 

Like I have expressed in my previous ibotool box review there are over 500 million google entries related to " Click ads and get paid" so this is no new concept but admitedly it does help to know the right people as like anything else there are plenty of fake platforms built around a similiar concept.

It is only because I have a trusted known friend who deals with $10,000 to $20,000 worth of bitcoin transactions helping admin why I joined this 7 months after it's launch and it is also good to know that the owner has maintained 3 other companies over the last 3 years so it's not always what you know that counts but who you know and the success stories of other people. Those that call scam are often lazy people looking for push button magic profits over night who will waste far more time not developing the skills needed in this industry to really achieve long term success but hey thats an individual choice.

 To activate a my adds up account you are required to purchase at least one ad pack for the cost of $1 although I do personally recommend 20 if your intention is to level up the commission structure quicker. Ultimatley you know your budget better than anyone else the choice is yours although I do advice you to only use what you are comfortable with and if anyone says you don't need to reffer to earn an income well unless you have a considerable amount you can deposit you do and it is a huge advantage here when you understand how much potential this system really has. Again another reason why I eventually jumped in is because I saw the potential of been able to leverage the skills I have developed so that i can encourage those in my team to stop jumping from one program to the next share value with the right people and to be transparet the rewards natuarlly follow. My results are not typical and I do not offer financial advice but i will say this has to be the easiest thing o have ever done on line and if you have the right mentality this is a great feeder to leverage into other things infact its a no brainner when every advertising pack gives you 100 views to your website!


simple answer is yes. I've chosen to hang of untill less than a week from now but its good to see i have guys on my team who are doing every other day and over 
$3872570.02 has already paid out!


No buffalo dust here my friend just facts!

To set up your my adds up account you will need a crptocurrency wallet. I personally use coinbase and you can get one free here.  I highley recommend creating an additional account with and just as the name suggests this is also a way of earning tiny amounts of freebitcoin, satoshiand you can set your freebitc.oin wallet here Login to your my adds up account here and read the "How it works" . If your genuine and you need help all my contact details will come in the follow up and whilst i am working on automating everything to leverage this on a massive scale, you will find I am more than happy to arrange a sjhare screen on skype and get to know you..

Catch up soon and enjoy your day Rock Star !

Additional free bonus : grow your instagram audience and email list with this non techie 60 second set up tool  Over 10 million domain names were brought over the first quarter of 2019. Every successful marketer has one and you can try one for free for a week at Global Domains International, GDI a company that has been providing themfor 20 years. This can also be flipped into a very profitable business opportunity. Ive also added an aditional free bonus that will also help you to grow your list and a free tracker. 

Clive Martin 
The Saxtrepreneur 

PS you will here me playing my sax in the first 60 seconds of my vid. 
hope you like it :)

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