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Hey my fellow ibotoolbox friend....

How are you doing?

My name is Clive Martin also known as "The Saxtrepreneur"

I am 44 born in the UK from a mixed backgound. My Dad is from Jamaica and my mother is English
I am fortunate that I have been able to see two cultures and take the best from both.

If you have not guessed already one of the biggest passions that I love is been a musician and saxophonist. I get to play alongside DJs, with Bands, entertaining at weddings, restaurants and recording in the studio and presently have a gig coming up with soul singing legend Alexandra O'Neil, February 15th 2020.

What has massively helped me to do more of what I love over the last 12 months after spending several years trying to be the hero figuring things out on my own, I eventually understoodd that there was no shame in standing on the shoulders of a giant who had already walked the path and finally admitted to my younger brother by 10 years that i needed his help. At 33 I've seen him live a beach life for 5 years across the Caribbean with his now wife and presently they have settled in a beautiful home with 5.6 acres of land earning $40,000 per month now over in Ohio.

Now obviously im not here to impress you or even compare myself to anyone else. I like to be totally transparent because i still made mistakes over the last 12 months and thankfully I have learnt from them even though I will admit most would have been totally avoided taking on 100% of the right advice that I have had.

Before my time of been online searching for the holy grail that would give me the freedom to live a better lifestyle that would give me the time to enjoy more of what i love, I spent 18 years in the direct selling industry and what I loved more than anything else was actaully coaching and mentoring other people developing people's relationship building skills, self confidence and communication with others so in short, moving into 2020 after working on various marketing skills I am focusing mainly on "ONE THING!"

Teaching others how to at least attract three people to their business, product or opportunity every single month and how they can reduplicate that in their team. I have discovered the perfect platform that will allow me to do that with which is where M2M Donations plays a massive role..

What has really motivated me to do this is from 10th October till 11th December or for my USA friend from 10/8/2019 till 12/112019 I very easily took a $45 investment and was able to leverage the opportunity by sharing with others and this resulted in my earnings from that same $45 to be presently just over $60 a day. I was then introduced to M2M Donations and saw a 100% of my team members from the opportunity I had already very quickly built up follow me.

Now here is a bit of truth that most people will continue to ignore in their pursuit of success! 

"Your Success is Totally Dependant On The Amount Of Value That You Give Out"

It does not matter how many years you have been in the make money online niche. Time spent has nothing to do with success. 

"Been Busy Been Busy", is a common mistake that most aspiring marketers make and if the real truth be known, most people's perception of social media marketing is anything but social. 

You are going to waste so much more time looking for that magic push button formula that  dumps hardcore cash life style changing income into your bank account every day, if you don't wake up to the fact that people will buy from people they have come to like know or trust. People develop friendships and relationships that have benefits all the time but so many people are so focussed and stressed so much about making money and getting out of the 9 till 5 rat race or even todays social media rat race that they totally blank out the need to go and simply find new friends that they can resonate with or look for people that they can share value with or learn a simple skill that they could focus on and teach others.

If your looking at yourself and asking "well what value can I really share"then this is for you.. 
If you are looking at yourself and admitting "well to be honest over time I have got myself caught up every where been busy been busy and throwing out stuff wildly all over the place hoping something sticks"  then this is for you. If you really want to start attracting the right people into your business then this is for you infact I could definatly share an endless list but if anything right now is resonating with you then you are going to love this because seriously you can go on chasing shinny objects or you can develop the right set of skills and opportunities will open up to you and chase you!

Now if learning to attract 3 people a month in your business and then been able to teach that to others makes sense just for one moment consider these basic maths.

What if over the next 12 months you learn how to attract three and it takes your new team members a month to do the same and reduplicate the same simple stratergies and you got 1 dollar for every downline. So your business ends up duplicating by 3 a month not in one week cos I like to be realistic and under promise even though it's totally your choice whether you copy what works.

You would end up with $531,441, and if you just said "that is impossibe" then you are absolutly right because if your mindset doesn't see it, you never will.. however I also know that those who are not lost in time served or ego can see how those basic maths could realistically work which is why i am using M2M Donations as a platform that I personally will add my own value too..

Im not going to do this stupid ridicualous price drop presentation and build up made up figures of how much value is waiting for you im just going ask you straight out, one question..

If it cost you 0.004 BTC which presently is $28.77 payable from a bitcoin wallet and you get 100% back when you learn how to attract three others and when they learn to do to do the same as you then you will kick start an avalange of bitcoin donations coming back to you for ever. You will build a team that will see your value and follow you into other opportunities easily whilst also been able to leverage other tips tricks and techniques that I am going to be sharing in a mastermind group that I have labelled "The Climb Is Real"

What Difference Could That Make In Your Life?

I'm not asking you to even understand a compensation plan or to become a guru in anything related to cryptocurrency although you would be wise to actually own some bitcoin.. I am asking you what would it mean to you right now if you could see your business duplicate by 3 every single month and all of a sudden you could offer the same value to other people by teaching them?

What you need to do is register here at M2M Donations and create a free account and be sure to check and white list my email. You will have a free account for 72 hours before it disappears. You will see my image in the back office the same as the one that I use right here in ibotoolbox. Yes you can read the "How it works" section but I advice you to simply use my social media link and come and say hello before even paying a dime. I'll also encourage you to to subscribe here on my youtube channel hit the notification button so you don't miss out on any useful future tips tricks and techniques.

I'm a man that loves uplifting people and maybe a big part of that is shown through my passion for playing the saxophone and sharing my musical talent so I love having fun and I love meeting new people and that is the big part that I see a lot of people missing in their pursuit is that they actually don't get out there enough and simply make friends with the right people and part of the journey to success is learning to attract an audience So a massive "Thank You" for reading this far and over in the PS section is a free gift that will help you to build an audience on Instagram wich is non techie and takes 60 Seconds to set up. Please feel welcome to connect with me if this is the first time our paths have crossed and inbox and let me know what the one thing is you would like to improve on in your business more than anything else and let's see if we can share some genuine value.

Catch You Soon !

Clive Martin 
The Saxtrepreneur

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