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"I'm to busy taking care of my own grass
to be looking at anyone else's.. 

I don't expect to plant seeds and see fruit

I know i have to protect my patch from
infestations pests and parasites so what
i'm saying is constantly i have to protect
my mental attitude and ditch people who
try to drain it.

I have to constantly dig my land over and
rip out and throw away the things that try
to strangle my growth..

I'm learning to use the best tools around me
to get the job done as effectively as i can.

Sometimes i get tired cos im grinding on my
goals when others are fast asleep or watching

But what keeps me going is the vision of all
the ripe fresh fruit and veg that harvest will
bring and although lockdown has created its
obstacles and challenges I can smell the
aroma of sweet success in the air..

You want a piece of the action?
Grab your spade and start digging at...

My name is Clive Martin and more and more people are coming to know me as "The Saxtrepreneur" because of my passion for playing my saxophone and entertaining along side DJs with bands in studios, weddings and parties....

I know without an audience, I don't have a business and obviously lockdown has caused us all challenges so sadly my main passion is on hold right now..

However I'm also an entrepreneur and on March 29th 2020 I was given the opportunity to use a 100% Free strategy, a system that has total newbs making a profit with Bitcoin whether it goes up or down 

I 've learnt through making a lot of needless mistakes how to get with the right people and i'm totally grateful for the counsel and coaching of my very successful younger brother Ben who now makes over half a million a year in profit in the online marketing niche which does help to inspire me considering we grew up in quite a poor working class background although we never went without food we didn't indulge in any luxuries.

I'm not here to entertain a pity party, i'm a massive believer in taking control of your life without looking back and trying to blame outside circumstances so to cut a long story short I saw the potential in learning and taking this skill further especially in a world where MONEY will 100% become a thing of the past and it's not going to wait for you to be ready either. Digital currency is here and now and it's going to take over. I actually chose to upgrade from the free strategy became an affiliate which pays me for sharing the training but im also in a very successful community of people that are helping me to develop my new skill.

And that is the word to focus on.."SKILL" because you can spend your life chasing opportunities, people, money and dreams and accomplish NOTHING


When you invest your time into marketing strategies education and acquiring the right skill set your self value massively increases and you start to attract success into your life.

Now 156 people since the start of this month have had the same FREE training from me that i was given and yes most have put it on their virtual internet shelf collecting dust too eager for that overnight success hoping that those magic fairies may just shower them with gifts and success but then there are the few lions I'm meeting along the way that have the same passion and mentality of me to go out and take control of their life and win..

You can now either walk away, read the next press release chase the next opportunity or come and feast at the table.. We'll dust you down guide you teach you and show you, if you have the discipline to do what it takes to Live Your Dream.

Hit any image on this page to access your free training and give me a shout out in the comments and please do feel welcome to connect. We weren't made to be animals of isolation..

Catch you soon 

Clive Martin 

The Saxtrepreneur

Catch You Soon !

Clive Martin 
The Saxtrepreneur

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