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Published on 9/22/2016 additional information available

THWGlobal opportunity it is real

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I am going to take the time here in the press release to introduce you to the next big thing. Many of you have come across many things in the past some have done good and other ventures have not.

If you can't see yourself getting paid up to $25 per hr. with a minimum of 10hr. weekly just for watching "better than you tube type videos" that's OK. Other you share this opportunity might not be in the same boat as you and can see the benefit in this for them. They could take this opportunity and run with it by sharing and sending out their link duplicating the system using copy and paste.

Just one person can make you a lot of money from their activity along with for themselves and their family.

I'm trying to be as helpful as I can with this very simple to understand opportunity. The company THWGlobal will pay you to view and share the material that come to your free website. Pass this on. Make it happen for others if not for yourself.

You might be making all the money to want and this is not for you right now. That's OK, share it with others in your family, at work, your church because they may need this right now. It's at the ground level right now and those shared people working under you are going to make you money just for you sharing this with everybody.

I will share two video with you today for your information. The first is a short one that explains the program. The second does the same but it was done prior to our companies launch. So you can get how the concept was viewed before launch then compare that same information now since we are active as of 9/21/2016.

Thanks for allowing me to be brief in this press release. I ask that you share this with any and everybody. After which let them decide if it is for them or not. For the many who will take advantage of this opportunity you will be thankful that you share the best start up opportunity I'm sure in 2016 and everything is FREE for us for now.

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