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Published on 5/8/2015 additional information available

I Choose To Eat One Slice Of MY Pie

# Retirement
# Saving
# Planning
# Your own future


- I love the timing God has put me in to see - you can’t judge a person "if I can use the David vs Goliath precept" to judge a person heart and their inner spirit man or spirit woman. He shows us often that the human spirit can work with the physical being to do astounding things if only they believe it, the strong shall survive and over shadow the weak, good will prevail over evil, it is always better to do good than do bad, you should not lie but instead tell the truth always, the cream will always rise to the top, and so on...Thank You LORD.

How do you reach a person who has so much going on in their lives. When you check close they have a lot going on for others and little of it reflect upon their own interest, likes, or desires. All work and no play makes Jack or Jill a dull person people. How do you get a person to do a self-check as smart as they are do not systematically consider themselves at all? Who throughout most of their progress business life is in a mode of helping outward and never seeking it inward. Oh, they are good at helping others, learning things the hard way, then attempting to pass that wisdom on.

I wish from my progressive being I had all of the answers but life just does not work that way. You learn as you grow. In those early stages I prayed that love and compassion was there to assist and teach but again, unfortunately it was not there. I would like to ask a few simple questions a little later in this correspondence.

The things that affect your individual life is what matters the most. Not your mother, father, sister or brother etc. You are your own man or woman. The better you have yourself together the better you will be able to help others. And you know, you can help others indirectly simply from your presence, the way you successfully do business, the way you effectively get things done when many around you do not have that ability to solve others life circumstances/problems.

First question, 2 fold: How many know what the acronym S&P, stock market is? Second question, 2 fold: How does it work and are you able to break it down for a novice to understand, Third question, 2 fold: How does it relate to me and how can I control my own position because the S&P is really reflecting Me and my friends (who are the U.S. economy)?

This draft is centered around the point: you must ask yourself do I know it all (the answer might be no). Are there things that I think I know very well but I can still learn more or better yet, learn from others, of which in the beginning I did not have a clue (that answer might be yes).

Where do most people save for retirement? Most of our country's retirement savings are in banks, precious metals, real estate, the stock market and IRA/401k/403b. A LARGE percentage of that money could be lost to Risk, Fees and Taxes. Most consumers do not understand the 3 major factors that affect their retirement account. RISK, TAXES, FEES


Over 90% Of All Americans Are On The Red Line. If They Only Knew More About The Blue Line They Would Rapidly Move Their Resources To It (and it can be done with penalty).

You can't be given the whole pie to eat at once it is much better if you choose to eat the whole pie, eating one slice at a time is more reasonable plus you get to enjoy the essence of it, than trying to pick up the whole pie and cramming it into your mouth. This example just like my concept here is not a contest, test or race it is attempting to make one point, while teaching at the same time. My Word.

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