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Published on 12/21/2017 additional information available

Do You Need Wall Street or Do Wall Street Need YOU

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Good morning one and all! - Hello this is Donald – Let’s Talk BITCOIN (

Here comes this newbies perspective as I relate to rapid movement in the Bitcoin market / space. The company in this article realize that Bitcoin is on the rise because the people are finding out about it.

You don't need anybody - all you need is to find, study, and invest into yourself a crypto-currrency. I am telling you to hit me up in my message box so we can work together using knowledge and action, then invest in a physical product in which, after day one your financial independence begin.

But no, you don't want to entertain me that Bitcoin is already in place for you. Do you think you need a big wallstreet company to qualify Bitcoin.

In this approach, you now need your research hat on then venture into finding out about Bitcoin (which is only 1 of (as of today) 1372 crypto-currencies available to you without anyone, person, place, or thing.

These companies already see the trend and are jumping in using the Wall Street concept to monolopize and gain. Bottom line they understand there is a way to make money in Bitcoin using a traditional concept.

Bitcoin was created in its design for the people. It don't need external processes to qualify it. Bitcoin has already done that heavy lifting because the people are realizing they can choose their own venture to invest without the need of any traditional system (banks, stocks, mutual funds, these are their own systems), and Bitcoin is its own Digital Financial System.

Bitcoin is for the people and by the people...let me finish that phrase..."Shall Not Parish But Have Ever Lasting Life/Existence". Are you a player or a sideline observer waiting for some big name to qualify Bitcoin and the crypto-currency market / space to later find out the power has already been bestowed upon you.

Just act and the Bitcoin market / space by its design will began - again, after day one in most ventures, your money will began working for you in lieu of you continuing the tradition - you working for money.

Let me know which of those two choices sound the best. If you can't sense the answer ask yourself the question again. Your natural man/woman will expose the right answer.

I've started a coin play COOP. Come and Join me in this pool of individual investors/members

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