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Published on 8/17/2019 additional information available

What I like about CPA lead generation

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Click Per Action = $$$$.......Not to long ago after a good run with Project Payday doing their incentivized offers and earning $12,000 on average for 3 years they closed their doors and now they are just doing surveys and it's no longer worth promoting which left me a place to search once again to earn money...For the last 3 years I have been doing CPA ads and earning money with one of the top CPA companies on the internet however they closed their doors recently about 8 months ago so now I find myself looking once again....The nice thing I liked about doing CPA advertising is that I was paid $12.00 per lead.....Well to you that may not be much but you are looking at it the wrong see the program I was promoting at that time was for new mothers and giving them a certificate good for 1 full month of Baby Diapers if they only did a 20 minute survey for the company I was promoting.....Needless to say I did a few ads on FB and then my post went viral to other new mothers who just had a baby and got a chance to receive 1 months supply of free baby getting back to the $12.00 lead part ---what you don't know and what I did not tell you is I spent a total amount of $20 each week on a Search Engine ad (Not Google) $5 dollars a day and 4 days a week that ad ran....and for that $20 ad I got somewhere close to 100 or more sign-up's for free I raised my spending to $35 a week...$5 a day and received between 100-200+ new sign-ups every that $12.00 lead was now turning into $120 - $240 per bad considering all I had to do was advertise...did not need any sponsors, no associates, and no help....there was plenty of YouTube videos I learned from.......In closing I want to make a point...If your going after the big ticket item...that's great once you are established and well known on the internet and have your own personal blog or website....but for me I did not need to do any of that stuff...Just promote a link and I was done...You'll get more people reponding to small offers around $10 - $20 and use that as a lead were you can market to them again and again...once they buy a small offer then you have a potential customer for life....

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