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Published on 7/21/2019 additional information available

The most valuable program on your computer

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What is the most valuable thing on your computer ?


I was reading a article earlier today and the article kept going on and on and on and never seemed to get to the point...I am sure all of us have seen those types of articles.


But I kicked back today since it was raining outside so fishing or whatever else I had planned was now on the back burner for another day...I ended up do the dreaded laundry


Anyway as I was going thru my computer and going thru all the information I was collecting because shortly I will be marketing on the internet again after a short sabatical because quite frankly I did not need extra money and the company I was working for not only paid me well but also provided a vehicle for me to drive with all expenses I couldn't turn down the opportunity.


Needless to say 2 years later cutbacks and no longer working that job after putting in 50+ hours per now I am working for a local remodeling company doing all their marketing on Google, Bing, FB, Twitter and other social media sites and they have seen quite a increase in business since I joined...but the problem is "how much longer do I really want to work for someone"


And that's why I made a decision to start working for myself again on the internet....I have been doing 4 months of research and just about ready to join and launch my new business....


Which leads me to the point of this whole article....


What's the most important program on your computer ?


"YOU ARE'............ You are completely in charge of being able to do anything you want on the computer including earning a living...


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